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Hard Physics Puzzle Game Online - 3 Slices 2

Rating: 8.3/10 - 481 votes

3 Slices 2 combines physics, gravity, and geometry to produce a tricky mouse-clicking puzzle game where you have to eliminate as much or as many of the red and blue shapes from the game area with three strategically-positioned turns (‘slices’) in each level. You are the ‘Master Slicer’, and must figure out the slicing length and angle for each turn that should produce the optimal gravitational reaction of the cut shapes so that a target percentage of the red (or red and blue) shapes are successfully eliminated from the game zone. This is not as easy as you might initially think because you have to contend with awkwardly-positioned shapes, difficult slicing angles, and unorthodox shapes (the blue ones) which rise like helium-filled balloons when freed!

This difficult and addicting online problem solving brain-teaser requires good observation skills, strategic planning and prediction skills, as well as pinpoint mouse-clicking. An appreciation for the laws of physics and gravity is definitely helpful. For example, you may have to perform one or two preliminary slices to move shapes into position before executing one final / main slice to cause the main gravitational reaction. Younger players can effectively ‘slice’ their way into this intriguing, interactive puzzle, while more experienced fans of physics-based challenges should get a good workout with this groovy brain-teaser. Happy slicing!

How to Play: In each of the 20 progressively difficult levels, your objective is to successfully remove a target percentage of the red (and / or blue) shapes / blocks from the game screen. Red shapes react normally to gravity (i.e. They fall without support) while blue shapes react in the opposite direction (i.e. They float upward without restraints to hold them down or pin them in). In each level, you are instructed how much of the red and/or blue-colored areas must be eliminated (In some levels it is 100 per cent while in others, you only have to eliminate a lower percentage).

To perform a slice, simple click and drag a line through the shape(s) using your computer mouse or touchpad. Once a shape has been cut, it immediately reacts to the gravitational situation surrounding it. At the bottom of the game screen, your target percentage for success is displayed, as is the amount currently ‘removed’, as well as your best score, and the ‘Gold’, maximum score. In later levels, you may have to employ other shapes as movable obstacles in order to knock the red and blue blocks off of their ledges. Can you solve all 20 levels?

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