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Online Baseball Batting Game - Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers

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Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers is a surprisingly addicting and challenging online baseball game for fans of all ages who love to casually play a bit of catch in the backyard, sock a few impressive ‘dingers’, and smash a couple of majestic home runs! Set in a fun and relaxed ‘little-league’ environment, you play the role of the hitter (slugger), and have to complete 12 increasingly challenging batting tasks such as scoring home runs, avoiding ‘outs’, and earning as many points as possible.

This light-hearted online sports activity isn’t just for avid devotees of baseball. General sporty-types and fans of challenging skill games can also enjoy the precision-based action that requires good concentration and determination to succeed. Your reaction time and accuracy of swing are all important as you try to guess where the pitcher is going to throw the ball, and where the best area is to hit that elusive leather sphere of glory! Ok pinch hitter, have you got the nerve to hit those ‘clutch’ shots when your team really needs it? Batter up, let’s play ball!

How to Play: Your objective is to complete as many of the 12 difficult ‘Batting Challenges’ as possible. After choosing your ‘little league’ team and selecting your specific batter, you are brought to the list of Challenges. There are 4 different Challenges in 3 different fields. You have to unlock Levels 1-12 by completing the task set in each one. For example; Challenge 1 is simply to ‘hot a home run’. Here, you have 10 pitches in which you have to hit a home run (i.e., hit the ball over the outer fence). Another example of a challenge is Level 2 where you have to ‘score 8000 points’. Each time you hit the ball, you score points depending on the quality of the shot – so here you have to score 8000 points in your allotted balls.

The controls are very simple. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to maneuver your batter, and Left Click to swing your bat. The position of your bat and your timing are key; try to wait until the ball is exactly in your path before swinging to get maximum contact (we won't tell you here where exactly to aim for within the highlighted batting zone as that would lessen the fun of figuring out what works best). If you swing and miss, it’s a ‘Strike’. Three strikes, and you lose one life (Bat) indicated at the top of the game screen. Likewise, if you hit the ball into a catcher’s hands without the ball bouncing, you lose a life. Keep an eye on your Ball Count in the top left corner of the game screen, and your Points Total in the top right corner. If you get on a good run of hits, special ‘Fire Ball’ and ‘Meteor’ capabilities appear. Hitting the ball when one of these icons is flashing greatly enhances your chance of scoring a massive hit. Good luck and enjoy the fun batting action!

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