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Fun Base Jumping Game Online

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Fun Arcade Action! Extreme sports participants have to rely on cat-like reflexes in order to make snap decisions in the heat of the action…Now, it’s time for you to test yourself to find out if you’ve got that same razor-sharp reaction speed! Base Jumping is a challenging, reflex-based online game where you have to leap off a high ledge, and parachute to the ground as quickly and safely as possible. You play the role of a daredevil base-jumping sphere, and must carefully time your leap as well as the release of your parachute in order to ensure that you reach the earth as quickly as you can – yet make contact with the ground with the least amount of downward force possible. In a series of competitive ‘leagues’ against 3 other spherical base-jumping opponents, you have to score sufficient points in three ‘jumps’ to be promoted until you reach the top league – and get a shot at defeating the Base Jumping King!

This fun extreme sports-based game is all about expert timing. Much like an athlete at the starting blocks (there’s a nerve-jangling READY, SET, GO countdown), you have to expertly time your initial jump off of the ledge, and then make a clinical judgment on exactly when to release your parachute, which acts as a slowing mechanism before you reach the ground below. Super fast reflexes are the key to a smooth and points-successful ride to the bottom. Strategic planning and good observation skills also come into play – if your opponents are way ahead, you might need to alter your jumping style and take more risks! Can you hold your nerve, stare into the abyss, and leap to victory?

How to Play: Your ultimate goal is to become the Base Jumping Champion by getting promoted to the top league (League #5), winning it, and then defeating the current Base Jumping King. You start off in League #1, and must gain ‘promotion’ (much like in a soccer league) by amassing the most points after three base jumps. Each league has 4 spherical base jumpers (you and 3 computer-controlled competitors). To earn points, you have to score well in each individual jump. If you reach the ground 1st, you score 10 points, 2nd = 7 points, 3rd = 4 points, and 4th = 0 points. Your scores are collated, and the player with the most points after three jumps is promoted – Hopefully this is you!

Each jump has two parts – the initial jump off of the starting ledge, and the release of your parachute. Both actions are initiated by pressing Spacebar on your computer keyboard. At the beginning of a jump, there is a ‘Ready….Set….Go’ countdown. Once you see the GO message, press Spacebar to jump your little sphere off of the ledge. As your sphere hurtles toward the ground, press Spacebar again in order to deploy your parachute. Your aim is to reach the ground first – but without too much downward force. If you hit the ground really hard (or even without releasing your parachute), your sphere explodes - and it’s game over. However, if you hit the ground with moderate force, you lose some health from the Health Bar in the top right corner of the game screen. Once your Health Bar is empty, it’s curtains also. You can replenish health by buying ‘Medikits’ using points earned from good jumps.

The leagues increase in difficulty as you progress. And, as well as promotion, there is also relegation! For example, if you finish 4th in League #2, you get relegated back down to League #1, and so on. If you finish in either 2nd or 3rd spot, you remain in the same league for the next session of 3 jumps. Tip: Take more risks by releasing your parachute later. However, if you do employ this strategy, make sure you have some Health to spare!

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