Play some of the best escape games for teens online with no download: Being One 3 game is a very hard, cool sci-fi adventure game to play now for free online. Being One Episode 3, an awesome RPG escape game for PC for high school kids (16, 17, 18 year old teen boys & girls).
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Escape a prison-like research facility using a real sense of curiosity and adventure combined with logical thinking, analytical problem-solving skills, and plain old common sense! Being One: Episode 3 – Dark Matter is a highly challenging, escape-based, RPG puzzle game for older teens and grown-ups where you must pick up and combine objects, and use various tools to move from room to room on a quest to escape a creepy underground laboratory complex. Following on from the cool sci-fi action of Being One – Episodes 1 & 2, in Episode 3, you must continue your search for vital clues and answers as to why you are imprisoned in this research facility – and how to escape! Oh, and there's also an alien creature on the loose – just thought we should mention that!

Reasons to play this science fiction, point-and-click adventure game: If you enjoy tricky, step-by-step, hidden object / brain teaser-style games with a sense of mystery and suspense, you're in the right place! The immersive, first-person viewpoint here keeps you bang in the center of the action, and is reminiscent of classic PC adventure games such as Doom. Test and exercise your cognitive, logical and analytical thinking skills as you attempt to engineer a solution to escape your environment.

How to Play: A Flash-based, logic puzzle / RPG escape game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). Your task is to advance your way through the facility by repairing electrical appliances, opening doors, accessing locked rooms, etc. At the beginning of this episode, you are in a mysterious corridor in front of a blocked elevator. You must pick up items and objects that are lying around the room, and use these tools to get the elevator door open.

The game follows a ‘first-person’ viewpoint, so you see the action through the eyes of the main character. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on items dotted around the play area. Explanatory notes appear next to any objects of interest. The items you collect appear at the top of the play area. Click on any of these items to access them, and click back on the ‘dashboard’ at the top of the game screen to replace items.

Tip: There are three colored ‘fuses’ hidden around the first room. Find and collect these, and use them to repair the fuse box to progress toward opening the elevator doors.

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