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Have you ever thrown a boomerang? Would you like to? Girado is an unusual and intriguing online physics-based skill game that centers around the expert throwing of a boomerang – a traditionally flat wooden tool used for throwing and hunting, and made famous by the indigenous people of Australia, also known as Aboriginal Australians. (Did you know? Boomerangs were also used by some Native Americans, and even Ancient Egyptians!)

In Girado, each level is basically a timed "boomerang relay" where you have to carefully throw the flying tool from character to character – ensuring that the boomerang reaches the final ‘Goal’ character before a timer runs out. As you might imagine, controlling the flight path of a boomerang is no mean feat, and there are many aspects to consider such as the direction and trajectory of the flight, the position of the intended recipient, obstacles to be cleared, and more! As with many skill-based arcade games, quick thinking and reaction speed are important here, especially with the clock ticking against you. Patience is also required as you get to grips with the unorthodox trajectory and returning movement of this boomerang. Even if you struggle at first (most people do), keep practicing, and your boomerang throwing skills should become sharper and more instinctive! Be the first in your class to say they’ve played a cool online boomerang challenge, and mastered "primitive technology" skills!

How to Play: In each of the 40 increasingly difficult levels (34 normal levels plus 6 bonus levels), your objective is to transport the boomerang from the beginning of the level all the way to the final ‘Goal’ character. Each level has more than one or multiple boomerang throwers positioned around the game zone. You must throw the boomerang from partner to partner, playing against the clock, and the boomerang must eventually finish up in the hands of the ‘last-in-line’ thrower (the one with the shimmering ‘Goal’ ring around her).

To throw the boomerang, aim using your computer mouse or touchpad until a blue circular target marker appears. Left Click to fix your aiming spot. Once your aim is secure, adjust the outlined curve of the throw using your mouse cursor. When you are happy with the outlined path of your pending throw, Left Click again to release the boomerang (Note that you can also cancel the throw by pressing Spacebar). If your throw is successful, continue this process until the boomerang has reached the ‘Goal’ character. If you succeed within the time limit, you progress to the next level. Keep a keen eye on the clock in the bottom left corner of the play zone. If this runs out, you fail the level. You also only have a set number of boomerangs in each level (indicated in the top left corner of the game screen). Enjoy the awesome action!

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