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Bubble Shooting Action Game - Bubble Tanks

Rating: 7.7/10 - 1133 votes

When you think about bubbles, you might imagine a relaxing bubble bath, some washing-up liquid, or maybe even some beautiful bubbles floating serenely in the air. However, we doubt that you’ve ever envisaged the words ‘bubble’ and ‘tanks’ in the same name or even sentence – but that’s all about to change! Bubble Tanks is an unusual and challenging, free-roaming shooting game for kids & teens where you control a missile-firing, fast-moving ‘bubble tank’ that moves and shoots in a similar style to a Space Invaders-type spacecraft. Here, you swoop in and out of endless rows of mini-battlefields, destroying other Bubble Tanks while collecting more Power-up bubbles to build up your Tank into an enormous, shield-protected, bubble-based behemoth!

This highly-entertaining and light-hearted online shooting activity is all about your deft keyboard tapping ability, your masterful mouse clicking skills, and quick-fire reflexes and reactions. Your Bubble Tank responds extremely sensitively to your control, so be prepared for some frantic and fast-paced shooting action! Each ‘Bubblefield’ has a different set of enemies concealed within; so you’d better be on your toes at all times! Have you got the ruthlessness and supreme accuracy to succeed, or will your bubble be well and truly burst? Enjoy!

How to Play: The game takes place in a vast free-roam ’World’ filled with literally hundreds of large battlefields known as ‘Bubblefields’. Each Bubblefield features a random number of enemies that you can battle against. Use the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to maneuver your bubble, and your computer mouse to fire your weapon. Use the mouse cursor to aim, and Left Click to fire a red circular missile. Each time your Tank ventures outside of one of the Bubblefield, it is automatically sucked into the nearest adjacent Bubblefield.

Each Bubblefield is populated by various other enemy Bubble Tanks. In early Bubblefields, these enemies are quite weak, and do not have the ability to fire back at you. However, as you venture further into the Bubble World, you come across more dangerous opponents. Each time you destroy an enemy Tank, you can pick up the Power-up Bubble that it leaves behind. The more Power-Ups you collect, the stronger and larger your Bubble Tank becomes. Each time you are hit with enemy fire, a piece of this Power-Up shield is stripped from your Tank. If you are hit without any shielding, you are automatically sucked into the nearest ‘safe’ Bubblefield where there are less dangerous enemies. Keep going until you become the "biggest and baddest" Bubble imaginable!
Note: You can re-configure the controls by clicking on the ‘Settings’ button on the main menu screen.

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