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Bugs Bunny Running Game - Bugs & Cecil: Mad Dash

Rating: 6.7/10 - 366 votes

What’s up Doc? Well, it’s foot racing time, that’s what’s up! Bugs & Cecil: Mad Dash is a light-hearted athletic racing game for young kids where you have to guide Bugs Bunny over a set amount of hurdles – and win – each increasingly challenging race against Cecil Turtle. The cheeky rabbit is so confident of victory, he has set himself the tricky task of leaping over Olympic-style hurdles in each race, and you have to time each jump perfectly as well as carefully position Bugs on the track. However, you shouldn’t be fooled by Cecil’s wizened appearance; he’s a crafty runner, and is ready to capitalize on any mistakes by Bugs.

Based on characters from the beloved Looney Tunes cartoon series, this is a straight-forward keyboard tapping skill game suitable for kids of all ages. The simple premise and easy-to-learn controls means this could be perhaps used a fun activity for little children to help exercise and develop motor skills. Good hand-eye coordination, expert timing, and fast reflexes are all tested on the ‘mad dash’ for the finish line. It’s time to lace up those running shoes – on your marks… get set…GO!

How to Play: In each progressively difficult level, you play the role of Bugs, and have to leap over a set amount of hurdles on the way to winning the race. The number of hurdles you must clear is indicated before the race starts, and in the top left corner of the game screen throughout each race. Once the starting pistol goes off, Bugs automatically accelerates down the track. There are 3 lanes on the track, and you can alternate between each lane using the Up and Down Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Press Spacebar to jump over an oncoming hurdle. If you mis-time your jump, Bugs crashes into the hurdle, and loses valuable time. However, a clean jump results in points added to your score in the top left corner. Remember, you must both clear the target number of hurdles AND WIN the race in order to progress. Winning the race is not enough here if you haven’t cleared enough hurdles, and vice versa. Happy racing Bugs & Cecil!

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