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Chain Reaction Game Online - Goldburger To Go

Rating: 7.5/10 - 888 votes

Goldburger To Go is a difficult, head-scratching, online chain reaction brain-teaser game for kids and teens where you have to find the solution to a multi-faceted moving contraption puzzle that aims to deliver a delicious burger to some hungry lunch-goers! You play the role of the master puzzle unraveler, and must carefully and methodically tweak the 13 different mechanisms and adjustable devices so that they combine together to form a smooth-yet-wacky way of delivering food! Perhaps think of this ‘Goldburger To Go machine’ as a complex restaurant waiting system that just happens to have bowling balls, scissors, dominoes, rubber ducks, tambourines, and other madcap objects as parts of its delivery network!

This highly-interactive, point-and-click, mind-melting, ‘domino effect style’ problem solving activity should prove a decent test or online activity exercise for any young want-to-be technicians and engineers out there, or any gamer who simply likes solving interesting & tricky puzzles. More experienced players might recall a classic board game called ‘Mouse Trap’ which was very similar in concept. Key attributes required here includes very good analytical thinking skills, good concentration and observation skills, strategic planning skills, patience and great determination to solve the problem. Trial and error is critical to progress here; Remember, practice makes perfect! Let’s deliver that burger!

How to Play: Your goal is to drop the delicious burger onto the waiting meal tray in the bottom right corner of the game screen. In order to do this, all 13 adjustable parts of the puzzle have to be in their correct positions. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the adjustable parts of the ‘maze’ in order to alter them slightly (A wrench / spanner icon appears when you hover your mouse cursor over an adjustable object). Once you are happy with your contraption’s design and positioning, click on the ‘Go’ button in the top left corner of the play zone to literally ‘get the ball rolling’. Quite likely, your first attempt won’t be successful, so you need to try to figure out where your solution broke down, and then alter that aspect of your contraption. Keep going in a step by step ‘trial and error’ approach until you find the solution! Happy problem solving!

Tips: Top designers and engineers see and plan things from both ends of the spectrum or production line! Also, if you are really struggling for inspiration, you may click on the ‘Tips’ button in the top right corner. This reveals a tab that explains the various different moving parts in detail.

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