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Cool & Fun Game Free Online - Ski Maniacs

Rating: 8.8/10 - 893 votes

Get ready for some crazy downhill racing while smashing through obstacles and performing stunts in a really cool ski game based on "fast-paced action and fun"! Ski Maniacs is a wacky sports and skill-based game where you have to complete a series of obstacle-filled, slaloming levels in as fast a time as possible. You also have to unlock cool upgrades & awesome achievements through slick skiing, outrageous flips and gravity-defying stunts that impress the judges! Choose from a set of extremely eccentric characters as diverse as a Pirate James Bond, a man dressed as a squirrel, a Sumo wrestler, Abe Lincoln, and other madcap skiers all looking for an exciting spell on the slopes!

This light-hearted virtual skiing activity isn’t all about fun and frolics; you have to utilize good anticipation skills, quick reactions, and dogged determination to succeed in unlocking all levels and achievements. These circuits may not be as challenging as the ski slopes of the Alps or Rockies – but where else would you get cart loads of vegetables, mini pyramids, icebergs, and Easter Island heads obstructing you on your path downhill! Increase your score and stature by performing the most extreme stunts and flips as you fly through the air. Just remember to land safely back down on your skis! Winter has never been so exhilarating! Are you ready to become the latest and greatest Ski Maniac? Strap in your feet, and buckle up your pants – it’s going to be a hair-raising journey to the finish line!

How to Play: Your ultimate goal in each of the 6 increasingly challenging levels is to reach the finish line under an allotted time. However, there are other fun tasks and achievements that you can unlock on your route through each level. These include actions such as ‘collecting all Gold Stars’, ‘collecting Bonus Badge icons’, ‘crashing into all snowmen’ you see, and other similar tasks. You are shown a list of all of these tasks before each level. At the beginning of the game, only Level 1 and skier "Pirate James Bond" are unlocked, but you can unlock further characters and bonus levels as you progress.

Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to control your skier. Up Arrow / W = Push off & Accelerate; Down Arrow / S = Crouch Down (release to jump); Left Arrow / A = Lean Back; Right Arrow / D = Lean Forward. Crouching down and jumping into the air gives you the chance to perform tricks and flips. The longer you hold the Down Arrow / S Key, the higher your jump. While in the air, press X or Spacebar to strike a cool mid-air pose, while the Lean buttons flip your skier over. These stunts earn huge points bonuses as long as your skier lands safely back onto the ground without falling off his skis. If he does leave the skis, and tumbles to the ground, you resume skiing from the last Checkered Flag that you passed. Also, keep an eye on the mini map at the bottom of the game screen so that you can see what obstacles and slopes are coming up. Enjoy the scenery and freedom too!

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