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Fun Online Dodgeball Game - Dodge Brawl

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There are very few popular playground sports as intense and exciting as dodgeball! This madcap, ball-throwing activity has become a widespread hit in elementary, middle, and high schools across the US and around the world. Now, it’s time to experience an awesome online version of this high-octane ball game phenomenon! Dodge Brawl is a wacky and extremely challenging 3-on-3 dodgeball game where you have to eliminate opposition teams by hitting each of their players 3 times with a bright red ball. Set in a laid-back college dorm room featuring a makeshift dodgeball court, your team’s status as Ultimate Dodge-brawlers is under threat from a series of cheeky challengers! It’s time to assert your supreme dodgeball dominance!

Use double-quick reactions, sharp mouse-clicking abilities, and a ruthless will to win to dispatch a variety of increasingly-skilled opponents. Really good observation skills are also vitally important as you have to keep your eye on all three potential opposing threats while also lining up your own powerful strikes! Pride of place in the Dodge Brawl Hall of Fame is at stake! As legendary dodgeball figure Patches O’Houlihan would say – “Remember the five D’s of dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and…. dodge!" Happy dodge ball throwing!

How to Play: There are many different variations of dodgeball, but this particular game features a three-on-three match-up where each individual player has their own ball. Your goal in each “Round” is to eliminate all three of the opposition players before they remove all three of your participants from the game. To do this, each player has to be struck three times by one of your dodgeball throws. Your players take up the right side of the ‘court’, while the opposition takes up the left side.

Use your computer mouse or touchpad to control your three ‘dodgebrawlers’. Left Click on the player of your choice, and drag him or her around the playing area. When you hold down the Left mouse button, an orange ‘Power Meter’ charges up. Release the click when this Meter is full to throw a dodgeball. If your shot is accurate, the opposition player is knocked to the ground. Once a player on either side has been hit 3 times, they are removed from the playing area for good. After a player throws a ball, it takes a few seconds for the ‘Power Meter’ to recharge.

You can block opposition shots using your ‘Shield’. Press Spacebar on your computer keyboard while an opposition ball is incoming to erect a spherical shield around all three of your players. Your Shield is not infinite, and your ‘Shield Bar’ in the bottom right corner decreases slightly each time you use it. When your Shield Bar is empty, the only way to avoid getting hit is by quickly clicking and dragging your players out of harm's way. Your opponents have an identical Shield system, so try to wait until their Shields are down before unleashing a barrage of shots! Good luck out there on the court!

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