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Fast Action Maze Game - Ninja Miner

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Ninja Miner is a fun yet challenging and strategic ‘rolling ball-based’ action game where you have to guide a super-quick and courageous ninja through a series of maze-like grids, collecting all of the precious gems throughout each level. The catch is that your nimble ninja miner's movement in one direction can only be stopped once he impacts with one of the solid rocks that make up the building blocks of each maze. This means that you have to constantly be on the look-out for key ‘stopping blocks’ that allow your ninja to access awkwardly-positioned gems in tricky corner areas of each level.

Far more than just a run-of-the-mill maze adventure challenge, this quirky arcade game & puzzle actually requires a good deal of strategic planning and common sense. Having your ninja zoom hectically around the maze might look cool, but it is not necessarily the most efficient way of collecting the essential gems. Competent and crafty problem solving players carefully survey and choose the quickest route around the grid, hoovering up all of the precious stones with minimum fuss. Quick reactions are important here, especially in later levels, as you may need to change direction quickly to avoid danger. Can you guide this hyper ninja to ultimate success?

How to Play: In each of the 24 progressively difficult levels, your objective is to collect all of the precious colored Jewels / Gems randomly situated throughout the maze. Once all of the Gems have been retrieved, the original ‘Entrance’ door becomes an ‘Exit’, and your ninja can progress through this to get to the next level. You can see how many Gems are remaining by keeping one eye on the display unit in the top left corner of the play zone.

Control your ninja’s movement using the WASD Keys or the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Note that he only comes to a stop once he comes into contact with one of the grey building blocks. In later levels, certain blocks can only be broken and overcome once your ninja is in possession of a purple pick-ax tool. As well as the essential Gems, there are also three Gold Stars hidden throughout each maze. Collect all of these Stars as well as the Gems to earn a perfect score for that level. Enjoy!

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