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Good Flash Puzzle Game - Real World

Rating: 7.9/10 - 35 votes

A very challenging and highly interactive game for fans of classic construction-style brain teasers with a twist, and those of you who absolutely love tackling physics-based puzzles: Real World is a really difficult gravity and skill-based block removal puzzle where you have to delicately guide a small blue block (Your Man) to safety while eliminating a set number of larger blocks in the game zone. This interesting and innovative creative engineering and destruction-style game requires good observation skills and strategy, great patience and endless determination to solve the problem in each of a whopping 45 levels, and should prove be a very good test of your brain power and reaction speed simultaneously. The ability to envisage which way a block will likely fall is extremely important, while ‘trial and error’ is definitely the name of the game here as you try to learn from your mistakes (wrong moves).

They say that practice make perfect! While you may not find the perfect solution to some level in Real World no matter how hard you try, you can always return to the game another time with fresh energy, enthusiasm and ideas, and perhaps a friend or family member to add some extra brain power to find the slippery solution to help you progress. Enjoy the awesome challenge!

How to Play: In each of the 45 levels, you must eliminate a set number of "removable" blocks from the game screen while ensuring that the small blue ‘man block’ doesn’t come into contact with the ground at the bottom of the game zone. The number of blocks to be removed in that level so that you can progress is indicated in the top right corner of the play zone. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, simply Left Click on an orange or green block in order to eliminate it from the game screen. Grey blocks play an essential role in your success; they are non-removable, and should be used as safety ledges where you can safely land the blue block man without failing the level.

Naturally, when you remove one block, this causes the blocks above or next to it to react to the structural change. This means that you need to be really careful and tactful with your block removal strategy. If you eliminate all required blocks while the blue block man rests safely on a non-removable block, you progress to the next level! If your blue block comes into contact with the ground, you must replay that level.

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