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Cool Running Action Game - G-Switch

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G-Switch is a cool, free-running-inspired, solo and multi-player action game where you have to guide a fast-paced, acrobatic street runner at speed through a dangerous obstacle course. In order to combat the challenging multi-tiered ledges and ravine drops, you have the advantage of utilizing one very unique skill – gravity alteration! With the push of a button on your keyboard, you can completely flip the state of gravity at any stage so that your runner somersaults into the air, and runs ‘on the ceiling’ of the obstacle course. As you progress, you have to quickly and continuously flip between normal gravity and ‘reversed’ gravity in order to ensure a safe passage for your free-running daredevil.

Similar to classic, side-scrolling running games such as Canabalt, this addicting skill-based arcade game requires good observation & prediction skills, and sharp keyboard tapping. Also try out the awesome Multi-player mode with your friends and family, where up to 6 participants can compete in a chaotic survival dash! Gravity – who needs it? Let’s flip this running game on its head!

How to Play: There are 3 different game modes: 1 Player Mode; Endless Mode; and Multiplayer Mode. In all modes, your objective is to survive for as long as possible by constantly flipping gravity and ensuring that your runner doesn’t fall down any ravines (either above or below). You must also make sure that your runner is not ‘caught’ by the left hand side of the game screen (ledges and similar obstacles attempt to hinder your runner’s path). In 1 Player Mode and Endless Mode, your singular runner moves automatically from left to right across the side-scrolling game screen. Press the X Key on your computer keyboard to alter gravity / flip your runner upside down. If you fall off of a ledge into a ravine, your runner resumes from the last ‘checkpoint’ he encounters (1 Player Mode), or from the beginning of the level (Endless Mode). Your best distance is displayed in the bottom right corner.

To play with friends or family members in Multiplayer Mode, press Esc to return to the main menu screen, and then click on the number of players participating (between 2 and 6). Multiplayer Mode is basically a survival race – with the last runner standing scoring a Victory. Each player is assigned a special individual ‘gravity-flipping’ key that only affects their specific runner. These special keys (usually Tab, CTRL, Spacebar etc) are indicated at the beginning of the race.

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