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Cute Fun Ghost Game Online - Haunt The House

Rating: 9.2/10 - 5489 votes

Play the role of an endearing, floating ghost in a fun, interactive, and sweetly musical strategy-based action game! Use supernatural ghost powers to spook party guests and force them out of your house in this cute, haunted house-themed challenge.

Haunt The House is an innovative RPG game where you must drive 30 party guests out of your house by frightening them with awesome ghostly superpowers! You can float between rooms, take the form of pieces of furniture, and generally create spooky chaos which causes the party guests to flee the house in haste. Explore each room in the house, and figure out the best items to ‘possess’ so that you can scare the party goers!

Skills required: This light-hearted, chain reaction-based arcade game requires sharp analytical thinking skills, good strategy, tactical planning, and smart decision making. Fast keyboard control skills are essential as you whizz around the big house in ghost form. A willingness for trial and error is also important – Some guests may be frightened by moving tables, while others may get spooked by lights flashing on and off!

How to Play: A mellifluous, Flash-based, RPG action game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). This is a 1-level challenge where your task is to scare 30 party goers until they all run out of the front door of the haunted house. There are 4 floors, and your goal is to drive all of the guests out of the front door at the right hand side of the bottom floor. You play the role of a classic-style white floating ghost, and can ‘possess’ general household items and make them move strangely in order to spook the guests.

Control your ghost's movement using the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard. Hover over a household item, and press Spacebar to ‘possess’ the object (This could be a table, a lamp, a statue etc). When your ghost has possessed an object, press the Arrow Keys to make the object perform a spooky action. Some objects can be flown around the room, others open and close suddenly. Note: When your ghost is hovering over an item that can be possessed, the item glows. That's how you know it has become an interactive object.

When a guest notices and is scared by a spooky action, that guest becomes visibly frightened and runs away. Try to direct all unfortunate guests toward the first / ground floor, and out of the door! As you progress and increase the scary ‘atmosphere’, more spooky objects become unlocked. You can see how many guests are remaining in the house in the top right corner of the play area. Drive all 30 guests out of the house to complete your ghostly mission!

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