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Fun Cannon Game Online - I Heart Panda

Rating: 8.4/10 - 17 votes

I Heart Panda is a fun missile-firing challenge and physics-based skill game with quirky graphics, eccentric characters, and a panda-based twist! Each problem solving level features a group of disappointed, bawling blue characters – and your goal is to cheer them up by launching delightful pink pandas into their arms from a large cannon! You only have a set number of pandas to fire, so your aim needs to be good in order to succeed. Simple, right?

The cool graphics and background music make this an unusual yet highly-stimulating, shooting-style arcade game which is actually quite addicting in our view. The physics-based element of the game requires that your judgement of angles, power and accuracy is well tuned in. Learning from your mistakes is really important as you try to correct wayward shots – even the slightest degree of alteration in direction / power can result in a huge difference in the destination of your fun missile. Enjoy the panda-firing action, and let's save the day for the poor little cry babies!

How to Play: Click on the Start Play button on the top right side. Then click Start to select your level. In each of the 14 progressively challenging levels, your objective is to fire pink pandas into the arms of the crying blue characters located around the play area. You have three types of panda toys to choose from: You can fire a medium-sized panda, a large panda, or three small-sized pandas at once. Click on the panda grouping of your choice from the icons at the bottom of the play zone. Aim using your computer mouse cursor (A brown arrow acts as your aiming marker), and Left Click to fire. The longer you hold down the click, the more powerful your shot. Once all of the crying characters have pandas in their arms, you progress to the next level.

You can see how many pandas (missiles) you have remaining in the bottom left corner of the game area. If you run out of pandas before delivering to all of the blue characters, you fail the level. Sometimes, there are blue characters out of your plain of view at the beginning of a level. Click the ‘Zoom in’ and ‘Zoom out’ buttons in the extreme bottom right corner to alter your view of the play area. Tip: You don’t have to softly float or land the pandas perfectly into the character’s hands – You can fire them at high speed if you like! Good luck!

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