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Funny Online Game for Kids - Raft Wars

Rating: 9.3/10 - 3732 votes

Here is a good game designed to make you laugh! Raft Wars is a fun and eccentric turn-based shooting game for kids where you have to defeat pirates and other bad guys in a raft-based shoot out battle on the water where the last man standing (or last baby standing in this case) is the victor! Simon was just a normal baby boy, digging in the sand one fateful day at the beach... However, his life changed forever when he found a huge stash of gold and diamonds hidden underneath the sand! Now, along with his big brother Paul, he must defend his family’s new-found riches by embarking on a wacky cannon battle in the water against the many would-be thieves that are looking to steal his loot! Take aim; and fire tennis balls, rockets, and grenades at the troublesome thieves using Simon and Paul’s powerful toy cannon. Knocking your enemies into the water is the easiest way to defeat them, but repeated hits will also do the job!

This unusual and engaging skill game requires pinpoint accuracy and concentration as you have to carefully gauge the correct power and direction from which to fire your missiles. The cute cartoonish graphics and general humorous nature of the game makes it an enjoyable, light-hearted activity with the serious business of a cannon-shooting battle thrown in! Ok Sharp Shooter, it’s time to send these cheeky diamond thieves for a much-needed swim! Good luck!

How to Play: In each level, your goal is to eliminate all of the mischievous bad guys located in boats at the right hand side of the side-scrolling game screen. Baby & toddler Simon and Paul are located on their trusty inflatable raft on the left hand side of the game screen. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to fire your toy cannon; Aim using your mouse cursor (use the red dotted line as a guide), and Left Click to fire. Both you and your naughty opponents take turns to fire shots across the waves at each other.

Knocking an opponent into the water with one of your missiles (tennis balls, grenades, and rockets) is the quickest and most effective way to eliminate him. However, you can also reduce an enemy’s health bar with repeated missile hits (remember, your opponents are trying to do the same to Simon and Paul – so it’s best to strike as early as possible before they get their aim spot on). Once all of the bad guys have been eliminated on that level, you progress to the next level.

You can upgrade your raft using any virtual funds earned by completing levels; Purchase better missiles such as rockets and grenades (tennis balls are the default missile). During a mission, click on the different missile Icons in the top left corner of the game screen to toggle between them. Grenade and rocket missiles are not unlimited, so use them wisely!

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