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Fun Upgrade Game to Play - Duck Life

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Can you train a little duck to become more athletic so that it can save the day when the time arises? Duck Life is an epic and highly-addicting, upgrade-based running, flying and swimming game where you must train up a cute little duckling to become a World Champion athlete so that it can save a tornado-trashed farm! Featuring three awesome mini-games that act as training grounds within the main racing game, you have to use quick reactions and deft keyboard tapping in order to carefully increase your duck chick’s attributes. Then, when you judge that your little buddy is ready for competitive action, you enter it into increasingly challenging races against three other computer controlled opponents.

This highly-entertaining online action game is based on the hugely-popular Duck Life app. Join thousands of Duck devotees who are deep in training, and busy honing the flying, swimming, and running attributes of their own little ducks. Great patience and dogged determination are extremely important virtues as you have to meticulously build up your duck’s qualities to the point where it becomes a major athletic force. When you actually get down to the physical aspects of the training, you need to exhibit fast reactions and good hand-eye coordination. Strategic planning also comes into play as you might want to focus on a specific aspect of your duck in order to ‘gear’ the training toward a certain upcoming race. Just don’t lose sight of the task at hand – there’s a farm that needs saving, and this duck is your last hope!

How to Play: Your ultimate goal is to win all 12 ‘standard’ races, and then defeat the World Champion in the final showdown race in order to win sufficient gold coins to repair your farm. There are three categories of standard race: Beginner, Amateur, and Expert. Each category has 4 races in each – a running race, a flying race, a swimming race, and a fourth race that tests all three skills. In order to get your duck ready for competitive racing, you need to train it up. On the main dashboard, you can see the attribute levels for your duck’s Energy, Running, Flying, and Swimming indicated in the top left corner of the game screen. Next to these, you have options to ‘Enter Race’, ‘Train Running’, ‘Train Swimming’, and ‘Train Flying’.

Each training session acts as a mini game on its own, and the better your duck performs in these mini games, the more valuable the training (and subsequently, the more EXP points your duck achieves). In ‘Running Training’, you have to leap over oncoming boulders as they approach from the right hand side of the play area. Press the Up Arrow on your computer keyboard to jump. In ‘Flying Training’, your duck is launched through the air, and you must keep it airborne for as long as possible using the Left and Right Arrow Keys. In ‘Swimming Training’, your duck paddles along automatically, but you must avoid obstacles by diving under them (Down Arrow), and jumping over them (Up Arrow).

During these training sessions, you must also collect as many gold coins as possible. These coins can be used to purchase ‘Skill Seeds’ from the Duck Shop (accessed through the main dashboard menu). These seeds increase your duck’s skill levels without training. Simply click on the pile of seeds on the main menu to feed them to your duck. When you feel your little guy is ready for competitive action, enter it into the first Beginner race (there is no point in starting at a higher level, it almost certainly won’t win). Unlike in Training, you cannot affect your duck’s movement in a competitive race. You simply have to watch and hope that it has amassed enough experience and skills to win. Each time you come 1st a race, you earn a large number of coins which can be invested in Seeds. Also in the Duck Shop, you can purchase fun hats for your duck, as well as a change of color. These do not improve your duck’s athletic attributes, but they sure look cool!

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