Play gem mining games/ online jewel collecting games for free with no download: Astro Digger game - a fun gem miner arcade game for kids (girls & boys), teens to play now on PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, cell phone/ mobile/ smartphone on the web. Fun platform adventure games, cool new games with arrow key controls.
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Fun Gem Mining Arcade Game - Astro Digger

Rating: 8.2/10 - 456 votes

Astro Digger is a fun online gem mining-based strategy puzzle game where you must help a courageous astronaut collect precious gem stones and minerals from an underground grid on a faraway planet. You play the role of the inter-galactic miner, and must scuttle through the subterranean depths, blasting through the soil and gathering all of the valuable loot as you go.

This addicting HTML5 arcade game can be played on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices, and is a stern test of your observation, strategic planning and problem solving skills. Plotting your route through the underground toward each gem or mineral is no mean feat, and you have to contend with rock obstacles, poisonous green vegetables, and crab-like space creatures! Happy digging!

How to Play: Note for players on mobile phone / tablet: To play the game with full screen, you have to turn your device horizontally. In each of the 25 increasingly difficult levels, your objective is to dig into the earth, and collect all of the brightly-colored gems in order to progress. Mobile & tablet players can tap on the directional arrows displayed on the game screen to maneuver your astronaut around the play area. Laptop & desktop players use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your astronaut’s movement.

Tap or click on the Teleport Icon in the top left corner to send the astronaut back above ground at any stage. Tap or click on the Bomb Icon to set an explosive next to an awkwardly-positioned gem (The blast from the bomb collects the gem). Avoid the green vegetable-like growths as well as the blue crab-like creatures at all cost! If your astronaut comes into contact with either of these hindrances, you are bumped back to the beginning of the level. Oouch!

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