Great online game free for kids to play with friends or alone when bored. Filler is a very good online game that challenges the brain in a stimulating way with cool interactive action & fun problem solving skill required. Play addicting games for girls/ boys on PC, Mac, iPad, flash games without download.
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Great Online Puzzle Game to Play - Filler

Rating: 8.4/10 - 124 votes

If you’re looking for a easy-to-play yet amazingly-addicting puzzle game for kids, teens or players of all ages – we’ve got just the treat in store! Filler is an awesome, mouse-clicking, physics-based skill game where you simply have to fill up more than two-thirds of a rectangular play area by creating and growing white sphere-shaped "filler balls" with your computer mouse. The idea is very simple; the longer you hold down your Click - the larger the filler ball becomes. The catch here is that there are smaller ‘bouncy balls’ that move swiftly against you around the play area, looking to pop your filler balls as you generate them!

Offering a relaxing play environment, this game of over 100 levels could still definitely be one of the most enjoyable and engrossing online games we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing on Learn4Good! You could simply spend hours trying to progress as far as you can, testing your deft mouse movements, the sharpness of your reflexes, and your ability to remain in deep concentration! “Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best”..

How to Play: Note: After the game loads, click on the blue ‘Continue’ button in the bottom right corner to load the Main Menu screen. Click on the ‘Start’ button underneath the instructions to begin the Filler ball-making action. Your goal in each increasingly difficult level is to fill more that 66.6% (two-thirds) of the game grid with mouse-generated ‘Filler’ balls. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, simply Left Click and hold down the button to generate a Filler ball. The longer you hold down your mouse button, the bigger the ball grows. The Filler ball only stops growing if a) you release the click; b) it comes into contact with another Filler ball; or c) one of the smaller ‘Bouncy’ balls pops it on impact. If one of your Filler balls collides with a Bouncy ball while you are growing it, your Filler ball is destroyed and is eliminated, and you lose one life.

Just above the main play area, the ‘Filled’ percentage is indicated in white digits. Once this reaches above 66.6%, you progress to the next level. In Level 1, there are 2 Bouncy balls, and these increase by one ball as you advance through each level. As well as a limited number of lives, you also have a limited number of Filler ball attempts in each level (indicated in the top right corner of the game screen). If you run out of Filler balls attempts, any subsequent ball you create removes one life, so must try your best to use your Filler balls sparingly and thoughtfully. You may develop a strategy for this once you become familiar with the game concept and flow. Your solution finding skills will definitely be tested.

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