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Use Your Imagination & Draw Cool Tracks in Line Rider 2

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Have you ever played an online BMX / FMX stunts game or roller coaster game and thought – ‘I could design a better track than that’? Well, if so, the time has come to back up that great opinion of your track editor talents by testing your creativity and engineering skills in one of the most popular track designing games online! Line Rider 2 is based on a simple idea yet is a very challenging and interactive physics-based game where you have the opportunity to design awesome "do it yourself" stunt & racing courses for a super-cool, daredevil sled rider known as Dude. Use a virtual drawing tool to create the kind of track that others could only dream of, and that you believe would provide an absolutely thrilling ride for your new scarf-wearing, sled-riding buddy. If Dude likes your creations, he'll keep returning to your theme park landscape for more and more..

As well as being a great game for artistic kids and for encouraging all young drawing enthusiasts to practice and improve drawing & design skills, and logical thinking, this fun and addicting DIY game is based on the laws of physics and gravity, and also could be used as a good, interactive classroom exercise for older kids and teens to help learn and get enthused about terms such as motion, dynamics, and spatial awareness. Ok Top Track Designers out there, are you ready? Let's see your amazing artistic skills in full flow!

How to Play: The basic concept of Line Rider 2 is to draw one or more lines of a track with your computer mouse or touchpad on which the little guy, Dude, can ride his beloved sled after you initiate the fun action by pressing the Play button. You begin with a completely blank canvas to construct (draw) whatever kind of track you fancy, from a steep, downhill speedsters course, to a jump-filled, stunt-fan's extravaganza, to imaginary worlds of wonderful sled-supporting structures and ramps. Unlike many online games, there is no exact finish or ‘end point’ to Line Rider 2. The opportunities and possibilities are endless. (Note that your innovative track must simply be sufficiently smooth to prevent Dude from falling off his sled.)

The main tools and controls are all accessed via the Toolbar along the top of the game screen. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the Pencil Tool, and draw lines/tracks along the big blank white area of your game screen. We recommend starting off with a simple downhill track to learn how the dynamics of the game work. Then, when ready, click on the Play Button at the top of the game screen. Dude automatically falls from the sky, and slides along your created track as long as it is physically sound in structure. Hit the Stop Button at any time to return to the Track Design Stage.

Once you become familiar with the basic controls, you can attempt more complicated tasks such as adding bumps, gaps, and jumps to your creation. Key controls on the Toolbar include: the Hand Button, which allows you to scroll along the Design Area; the Eraser, which lets you delete as much of the track as you need; and the Zoom Tool, where you zoom in to make more detailed aspects and adjustments. Press the H key on your computer keyboard for a full list, and explanation, of all of the buttons and controls on the Toolbar.

You can save your creations to your hard-drive (for quick access by you in future), and play around with them as often as you like. Show off your best creations to your friends and family, and try to create some new tracks through good teamwork. Enjoy!

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