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Challenging Online Interactive Puzzle - Atomic Puzzle 2

Rating: 7.2/10 - 38 votes

Forget about all that tower defending, missile launching, hoop throwing, and high-speed racing action for a while, and immerse yourself in an addicting online puzzle game that really makes you knuckle down, and think logically and creatively. Atomic Puzzle 2 is an unusual and stimulating science-based activity for young Einsteins, older kids, and brain-teaser enthusiasts of all ages where you have to eliminate all of the atoms (bright, differently colored spheres) from a complex molecular chain. Faced with a grid of colored balls connected by rubber-like links, your goal is to match & eliminate same-colored atoms (two or more) by clicking on a ‘Connector Atom’ of a different color that is linked to each of the immediate atoms you plan to remove. By taking out this Connector Atom, you cause the same-colored atoms to be pulled together, and collide, explode, and disappear! Keep repeating this process until the grid is empty.

This very interesting yet challenging problem-solving activity could be a good fit for fans of online brainteasers, chemistry-based puzzles, and molecular physics exercises in the classroom or at home with family and friends. There are very few games on the web that have such an interactive science-based premise with a dash of "match game" color and problem-solving fun thrown in for good measure! Your logical thinking skills are truly tested as you try to select the optimum connecting atom to remove in order to create a collision of same-colored atoms. The puzzles get more complex and intricate as you progress, with serious concentration, good strategic planning, dogged determination, and plenty of trial and error required. Ok Molecule Master, time to show us your scientific superpowers! Happy atom colliding!

How to Play: The required game play becomes very clear after you have played a few initial levels! In each of the 60 increasingly challenging levels, your goal is to clear the game screen of all atoms by engineering a series of same-color atom collisions. All of the atoms (colored balls) are connected by a series of elastic-style connecting strings. ‘Connector Atoms’ are those atoms that separate (yet can ultimately link) two or more atoms of the same color. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on a Connector Atom to remove it from the game screen. This causes the other atoms that were immediately linked to it by the connecting strings to be pulled into action, and crash into each other. If the colliding atoms are of the same color, these explode, and are eliminated from the grid. You have to keep removing Connector Atoms until all of the atoms have been removed in that level.

If you make an incorrect decision, and are left with no more possible color combinations, you can choose to skip that level, or try again. We recommend that you keep trying to solve a level until you complete it, as this helps you become used to the required game play. In later levels, there are much more colors and numerous possible combinations to begin with. You have to use your vision and predicting skills, and make shrewd decisions to eliminate the Connector Atoms in the correct order to ensure that all possible color collisions are made.

Also in later levels, various different types of power-up atoms appear. These include: Bomb Atoms (which eliminate all atoms connected to them, regardless of color); Dual-Color Atoms (which can be combined / collided with either color); Rainbow Atoms (which can be combined / collided with any color); Trick Atoms (that can change color); and Switch Atoms (that move the surrounding atoms into different positions). There are also Arrow Switches, which allow you to reverse the positions of two atoms within the structure. Try to use these variations to your advantage. For example; try to leave a Rainbow Atom until the end as it can be combined with any color.

Tip: If it all seems too complex, try to put it in the context of playing a simple matching game. You need to ‘match’ two or more colors / atoms by getting them to collide with each other. Similar to ‘Match 3’ games where you have to get 3 items or jewels alongside each other, think of the Connecting Atom as the ‘other’ jewel that you moved out of the way to get the 3 same-colored jewels beside each other.

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