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A great injustice has been done. You are a good guy, and totally innocent yet find yourself in jail facing a long, harsh sentence. You finally cannot take this wrongful imprisonment any more. It's time to break out and become a jailbreaker that goes down in folklore! Jailbreakers is a "great escape" game that will have you on the edge of your seat! In this challenging, reflex-based skill game, you must escape, and guide other escaping prisoners on foot from a well-guarded facility using the precise movement of your computer mouse cursor. You must carefully direct the other innocent detainees (that's what they say anyway) through 15 increasingly difficult maze-based levels filled with sweeping laser beams, locked doors, hawk-eyed security guards, and other tricky prison-style obstacles and impediments. As if this wasn’t challenging enough – you have to complete each level under the additional pressure of a time limit!

This high-octane action game is all about using deft mouse movements and keen observation skills, where your pedestrian prisoners rely on their quick feet alone on their mad dash for freedom. You really need to be alert and precise in your movements in order to dodge and weave around the prison’s quickly changing laser beam defenses. Good luck out there in the open – and watch those fearsome lasers!

How to Play: In each of the 15 progressively difficult levels, you have a short amount of time (usually 30 seconds) to get your escapee to the green Exit Point (usually located on the opposite side of the screen). Your prisoner follows / mimics the movement of your computer mouse cursor. Placed between the starting point and the Exit Point are a variety of obstacles and hindrances, usually in the form laser beams that either constantly move, or switch on and off intermittently. If your prisoner comes into contact with a laser beam, you fail that level. Likewise, if you fail to reach the Exit Point before the time runs out, you must replay the level. In later levels, you must collect keys to open specially locked doors. Also in the later levels, you have to "rescue" other prisoners by unlocking their cells. Once these additional prisoners are out of their cells, they join up with your initial prisoner, and follow your mouse movement as normal in a single line.

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