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Laser Shooting / Flying Game Online - Awesome Planes

Rating: 8.9/10 - 1270 votes

Awesome Planes is a mile-a-minute, action-packed flying & laser shooting game where you must destroy all kinds of enemy aircraft and anti-aircraft turrets in a series of increasingly challenging indoor-based levels. Prepare for complete rocket-firing, missile launching mayhem as you dodge and weave, swoop like a fire-breathing hawk, blasting everything in your path! Unlock progressively impressive flying machines and increase your airborne firepower as you go.

This high-octane dogfight game requires good hand-eye coordination, slick piloting, accurate mouse clicking skills, non-stop destruction, and plenty trial and error as you shoot your way through hordes of enemy machines on a red-hot quest for justice. You really have to be completely ruthless if you want to get things done here – even the minutest of mistakes will be pounced upon by your clever computer-controlled opponents. Get ready to transform any enemy aircraft and turrets into smoldering wreckage!

How to Play: In each of the 15 increasingly challenging levels, your target is to simply destroy each and every enemy aircraft and turret gun. The levels are set in a narrow indoor aircraft hangar, and you have to zoom around the small space, avoiding enemy fire while launching your own devastating missiles.

Your plane flies automatically, and follows the movement of your computer mouse cursor. Left Click to fire your primary weapon. You can toggle between weapons by pressing the Number Keys 1-4 on your keyboard. Press Spacebar in order to give your aircraft a huge burst of speed. Once all enemy craft have been eliminated, you progress to the next level. In between each level, you have the opportunity to upgrade your aircraft using the virtual income earned from good shooting. Enemies get stronger as you progress, so these upgrades are essential if you want to continue to be victorious in each new battle.

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