Free Egyptian Mahjong games online to play now with no download: Yugioh Millenium Mah Jongg is an Egyptian tile matching game & classic Mahjong game for kids, teens, adults & seniors. Play ancient Chinese board games for girls/ boys, Chinese Checkers, matching puzzles for PC, iPad, Mac.
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Egyptian Tiles Mahjong Game - Yugioh Millenium Mah Jongg

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Yugioh Millenium Mah Jongg is a challenging and addicting matching tiles solitaire game for kids, teens, and grown-ups alike! Your goal is to carefully match up pairs of Egyptian hieroglyphic-style picture tiles that are randomly scattered and awkwardly positioned on a series of massive 144-tile grids. For those unfamiliar with the term, Egyptian hieroglyphs were an ancient writing system that combined picture images and alphabetical language to form a series of complicated drawings (often found scrawled on the walls of ancient pyramids). In Yugioh Millenium Mah Jongg, you have to match up these ‘pictorial’ tiles, and try to eliminate them from the huge game grid, pair by pair. As in classic Mahjong games, the catch is that you cannot select tiles that are blocked off on both left and right sides by ‘neighboring’ tiles, or tiles that have others stacked on top of them.

This fun version of the ancient Chinese matching-tile puzzle game is a really difficult test of your concentration and observation skills. Many of the squiggly hieroglyphic picture tiles are very similar, yet not exactly the same; so you need to have your Eagle-Eyed matching radar well and truly switched on! Happy matching!

How to Play: There are 6 different challenging grid modes to choose from; Classic, Arena, Pyramid, Hole, Hexagon, and Ring. Each level stacks the 144 tiles in a unique way, posing different challenges for each variety. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, click on the level of your choice, then click on the ‘Play’ button in the bottom right corner of the game screen. Your objective is to eliminate as many matching pairs of tiles from the grid as you can (there are 4 of each tile, and 36 different types of tile). Simply Left Click on two ‘play-able’ matching tiles in succession to eliminate them from the grid. You can only ‘play’ a tile that has no neighboring tile on both the left and right of it at that moment (in other words, has to be clear space to either the immediate left or right of the tile for it to be match-able). Playable tiles are highlighted with a yellow border when your mouse cursor hovers over them.

Each time you eliminate a pair of tiles, you score points toward your total on the left side of the game screen. Underneath this total is a ticking timer, but this is only for your own measurement, and does not affect the game play. The level is complete when there are no more possible matches available (a message appears notifying you of this). If you get stuck, you have two choices; 1) You can click on the ‘Shuffle’ button on the right hand side of the game screen. This randomly shuffles all of the tiles around the game grid, giving you the opportunity for more matches. However, this deducts a minimum of 1000 points from your total. 2) You can click on the ‘Find Matches’ button in the bottom right corner; This highlights an available match in gold, but also costs you 1000 points.

Note: When you complete a level, click on the Refresh button on your internet browser to restart the game, and choose a different grid. The game loads particularly quickly, so you can almost instantly return to the action!

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