Multitasking games online free for kids (girls, boys) to play with no download: Multitask 2, an online quick reaction game for children, teens, grownups to play now on the internet. Fun puzzle activities, action games, strategy games for PC, Mac, Ipad for the school classroom or at home.
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Multitasking Game Online - Multitask 2

Rating: 8.7/10 - 271 votes

Think you’d be able to master two mini games at the same time? How about 3 or 4? Multitask 2 is the ultimate challenge in gaming – play up to 4 mini games or puzzles simultaneously! Your aim is to survive in as many mini games as possible! If you fail in any one of them, it’s game over! Score points as you keep all of the games going. Played on their own, the games are pretty simple: balancing beams, avoiding obstacles, jumping over drops etc. But played together, they become infinitely more difficult!

Multitask is the name of the game, so you should definitely exercise your multi-tasking skills here! As a good educational game, Multitask 2 can also help to improve your observational skills, quick reactions and hand-eye coordination abilities. You’ll need to have nifty fingers and a quick eye, as you might be in trouble in two or three games at once! The games are all based on the laws of physics and gravity, so you'd better get your thinking cap on!

You’ll also need to have plenty of patience as it might take you a while to get to grips with playing 3 or 4 games at once. This game is absolutely perfect for the avid gamer though; What could be more fun than playing a number of games at the same time? So, are you ready to multi-task to the max? Let’s see what you’ve got Games Master!

How to Play: There are three different modes. You start on Standard mode, the other two playing modes have to be unlocked. On Standard mode, you have to score 50 points by surviving in 4 different mini-games to progress. The controls are different for each mini-game – but they all use your computer keyboard (a mini-tutorial is shown before each game begins).

The first two mini-games are always the same. You start off playing just one – balancing a ball on a beam. That’s quite easy, use your Left and Right arrow keys to keep the ball on the beam. The next mini-game introduced is also pretty easy – use your Up and Down arrow keys to make sure a blue status bar is not hit by the darts coming in from either side. Playing them at the same time is the difficult part!

Just when you get the hang of that, a third mini-game is introduced! This can be anything from a helicopter-style survival to a jumping over-canyons type of game. After that, a fourth is introduced and it’s all round gaming chaos! Remember, before each mini-game begins, everything stops to show you a mini-tutorial on the new mini-game.

Tip: Try to keep your eye on all four mini-games at once, but if you feel you’ve really gotten the hang of one of them, just keep that game in the corner of your eye and concentrate on the more difficult ones.

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