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Nancy Drew Dossier - Hidden Object Mystery Game

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Get ready time to team up with legendary high school detective Nancy Drew, and exercise your super sleuth skills to solve a complex mystery on the set of a Hollywood movie! Nancy Drew Dossier is an exciting, thought-provoking and highly-interactive online hidden object puzzle game where you must figure out a series of intricate clues in order to get to the bottom of strange and supernatural happenings on the set of a movie called ‘Pharaoh’. Having been tipped off about some unusual accidents and incidents on the movie set, our heroine’s snooping senses spring into life, and she sets off on another gripping detective adventure! You play the role of Nancy (an inquisitive and talented amateur sleuth), and must utilize your own brand of problem-solving aptitude by navigating your way through multiple point-and-click challenges.

This computer-based Nancy Drew mystery is a highly-interactive and brain-stimulating puzzle game where good observation skills, logical thinking, strategic planning, and a very inquisitive mind are all rewarded. You really have to knuckle down, use your problem-solving abilities, and generally think ‘outside the box’ (For example, if a hinge won’t swing – where can you find some oil?). Every nook, cranny, and corner of each room must be examined systematically and meticulously in order to pick up valuable clues and important items. But have you got the raw sleuthing talent, unerring discipline and sheer stamina to get to the bottom of this tough Nancy Drew mystery? Happy detective work!

How to Play: Pay close attention to the in-game tutorial, as this gives you a good idea of the controls and objectives of the game (which takes place in a ‘first person viewpoint’ style where you get to experience the game environment through the eyes of the main character). The game follows a ‘point-and-click’ method of gameplay where you click on pairs of items that, when made "active" by you in sequence, come together to perform a task or action. Your then use these pairs of items to help open doors, repair objects, remove obstacles, find out nuggets of valuable information, and more!

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, hover your cursor over any objects that may be interesting. If they are ‘interact-able’, sparkles suddenly appear around them. Click on two of these interesting items in succession to see if they match (For example, click on a key, and then on a lock). If you click on two un-connected items, nothing happens, but a magnifying glass icon remains over them so that you can return to them when you need to.

Once you have solved all of the mini-clues in a scene, a Red Arrow appears. Click on this Arrow to progress to the next scene. If you want to inspect an item more closely, click on the human eye icon at the bottom of the game screen, and then click on your chosen item. How many hidden objects remain in each scene is indicated in the bottom right corner of the play zone.

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