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Fun Naughty Game for Kids - Golden Gate Balloon Drop

Rating: 7.5/10 - 138 votes

It’s lunch time for workers atop San Francisco’s world famous Golden Gate Bridge… hmmm, look at all these people passing below… Hey – why not cause some mayhem by dropping some water balloon projectiles from the top of the bridge! Golden Gate Balloon Drop is a light-hearted but very mischievous skill game where you have to drop water balloons on unsuspecting vehicles, boats, and pedestrians as they cross over the iconic bridge. You play the role of a naughty construction worker, and have to score points by accurately firing balloons onto the poor, unaware public below! Sounds like a naughty-fun way to spend your lunch break!

This cheeky water balloon dropping game and fun online missile shooting activity requires supreme accuracy, hand-eye coordination and timing – you’re all the way up in the clouds, and your targets below are often small, and move quickly, so gauging where you should land each balloon can prove tricky. Can you score enough hits to extend your lunch break and continue this hilarious prank? OK Master Balloon Dropper – let's give these passers by the drenching of a lifetime! Happy mischief making!

How to Play: In each ‘Round’, you have to score a set number of points to ‘extend your lunch break’, and progress to the next Round. Score points by hitting certain vehicles, pedestrians, and boats as they pass over the bridge underneath you. It is very advised not to hit targets such as police cars and little old ladies – as this reduces your score. Instead, try to hit regular cars, buses, trucks, boats, cyclists and joggers etc. If you hit a target more than once, you earn extra points for the second/third hits.

Position your character on the high beam of the bridge using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Use your mouse or touchpad to aim and fire your water balloons. Aim using your mouse cursor (your Green Target Marker mimics the cursor's movement), and Left Click to launch a balloon. As you are very high up, it takes the balloon a couple of seconds to reach the target. The trick is to aim just a little in front of your target to ensure that the balloon splats right on top of them once it reaches their position!

A billboard with your Target Round Score is driven across the bridge at the start of each Level. You have unlimited water balloons to play with, and you’ve got until all of the ‘Targets’ have crossed the bridge in order to reach the Target Round Points Score. If you score the required amount, you progress to the next Round. If you fail, your angry boss tells you to ‘get back to work’! Avoid the circling seagulls, as they try to drop something nasty of their own on top of you (yuck!). Some disgruntled drivers also occasionally appear with a water gun, and try to exact some revenge on you – avoid their spray or else it’s game over!

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