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Nervous System Learning & Skill Game - Axon

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A cool game for those who enjoy a blend of skill and educational-based activities online. Axon is a highly scientific-themed, mouse-clicking arcade game where you have to continuously grow a nerve fiber (neuron) by collecting protein spheres that appear within your range, and create as long a neuron as possible. By clicking on (and effectively ‘gobbling up’) the precious protein, your own unique neuron grows higher and higher on the game screen (similar to a growing plant in fast forward motion).

Axons are real biological nerve fibre present throughout your body, and this interesting game tries to assist you in understanding more about the wonderful science behind nerves, nerve endings, and our amazing brain and nervous system. A neuron is any cell within the nervous system, and an axon is part of a neuron (kind of like that legs are part of the human body). Axons are responsible for transmitting messages to neighboring neurons, a process that is essential for physical movement and thought processes. For example, if your brain sends a message to your hand to click your mouse, that message is transmitted to your hand by axons!

But don’t worry if all of that sounds a little complicated or even boring. This highly stimulating and educational point-and-click skill game isn’t just for trainee brain surgeons! The simple and fast-paced gameplay is suitable for players from elementary school age to grownups, and could be used as a fun interactive activity for teaching neuroscience online in the classroom.

How to Play: Essential skills required here include good hand-eye coordination, fast reflexes, and accurate mouse-clicking! You must grow your plant-like neuron as long as possible in picometres (one pm = one trillionth of a metre in length). Using your computer mouse or touchpad, click on any of the white Protein Spheres in order to connect the fibers of your nerve cell (an action similar to joining up dots). You can only click on the small protein spheres that appear within your ‘Range of Influence’. This is a large circular shaded area that decreases slowly as the seconds tick by. Each time you click on a Protein Sphere, your axon grows further (higher in the screen), and your Range of Influence regenerates itself. Beware of rival Red neurons that compete against you for Protein Spheres. You can also pick up special Power-up Protein Spheres along the way (blue, green, purple & yellow-colored Spheres are all Power-ups).

The game ends when you allow your circular ‘Range of Influence’ to fully contract. At the end of the game, you see a score chart indicating the length of neuron you created, the number of Protein Spheres you collected, and the type of cell that you grew. The longer you grow your neuron, the more complex your final cell. You may also click on the link at the bottom of your score chart to find out more about the ‘Science of Axon’. This provides a cool in-game explanation of how nerves work, and what the game is trying to achieve. Then, get right back to the action, and try to increase your highest score!

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