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One Button Mouse Game Online - Fishtopia Adventure

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Catch up to 100 different exotic fish using awesome fishing equipment in this 1-button skill game for players of all ages! Fishtopia Adventure is an interactive, mouse-controlled, fishing simulation game where you must catch 4 different fish in each of 25 designated ‘fishing spots’ around the world. Playing efficiently and constantly-upgrading your fishing rods, tackles, lines, and lures, you must land fish with precision-accurate throws and a powerful, mouse-clicking catching technique!

Skills required: Like fishing in real life, this fun and challenging skill game requires great patience, focus, concentration, and determination as you work to collect each fish type in all 25 levels. Smart reaction skills are essential as you attempt to reel in the fish once they are caught on your line. Smart decision-making skills also called into play as you decide which items of equipment you should upgrade next, and which bait you want to use.

How to Play: A Flash-based, 1-button action game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each of the 25 ‘fishing spot’ levels, you must catch the 4 different indigenous fish that swim in the water below. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click to bring up the ‘Power Bar’, and click again to cast your fishing line into the water. The more powerful the throw, the further and deeper your line flies.

If a fish bites onto your line, click and hold to ‘reel in’ your line and catch the fish. If the ‘Break Bar’ on the right hand side of the play area reaches the top – your line breaks and the fish is lost. Avoid this scenario by releasing the click and re-clicking again to reset the ‘Break Bar’. Once you have caught all 4 types of fish in a ‘spot’, you unlock and progress to the next spot / level.

Each fish caught earns Gold Coins toward your bank. You can use coins earned to purchase new and improved equipment. Click on the ‘My Tackle’ icon at the top of the main fishing play area to enter the store and purchase new and improved fishing rods, bait, lines etc. Enjoy this fishing challenge!

To think about: Remember that fish stocks worldwide are rapidly dwindling due to over-consumption and global warming, with many species at risk of extinction in the coming years and decades. When fishing / angling for leisure outdoors in real life, fish responsibly, and try to land your fish as quickly as possible, and release it back to the water before it becomes completely exhausted. By following this best practice, you will help ensure healthy fish populations for you and future anglers to enjoy for many years to come.

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