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Online Pong Game for 1 & 2-Players - Pong Pong Revolution

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Indulge in hours of fun pong action! Pong Pong Revolution is a highly-addicting, ball & paddle-style skill game (with single player and 2-player options) based on the classic gameplay of the iconic arcade game ‘Pong’ from back in the 1970s. Featuring 5 cool game modes, you can play against the computer or a friend in a series of wacky, reactions-based challenges centered on the age-old concept of trying to force a ball past your opponent's paddle.

Reasons to play challenging, virtual ping pong game: Bring your pong ‘A-game’ to the table as you react to the fast-ricocheting ball in 5 interesting game modes. Test and exercise your hand-eye coordination, predication and reaction speed skills in a high-pressure, confined area. Unleash your competitive genes as you take on a friend, classmate or family member in a fierce pong battle!

Strategy to win: Peak concentration levels, sharp reflexes, and nimble finger dexterity are all important skills required here. The lightning-fast movement of the object ball means that one tiny slip could almost certainly prove costly! So, keep your eye on the ball!

How to Play: A Flash-based, ‘pong-style’ arcade game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). There are 5 different game modes to choose from. Each mode features a different type of pong-based action:

Single Mode: This is a once-off match-up against a computer opponent (Easy, Medium or Hard difficulty). The goal is to propel or deflect the ball past your opponent's paddle. Use the W and S Keys on your computer keyboard to control your pad on the left hand side of the play area. The first player to score 5 points is the winner.

Versus Mode: This is a once-off game against a real-life buddy playing on the same computer. Player 1 (controlling the left hand pad) uses the W and S Keys, while Player 2 (controlling the right hand pad) uses the Up and Down Arrow Keys. The first player to score 10 points is the winner.

Survival Mode: Here, you control a paddle in a closed off, square game screen with no opponent. Your goal is to keep the ball alive for as long as possible, and not let it past your paddle. Use the W and S Keys on your computer keyboard to control your pad.

Challenge Mode: This is a series of 11 increasingly-challenging 1 Player ‘levels’ where you must complete pong-based tasks such as defeating multiple opponents, collecting coins, etc. Use the W and S Keys to control your paddle.

Split Screen Mode: This is a 1 OR 2 Player mode where each paddle is in a separate ‘split screen’ area, but the ball can travel through both areas. Player 1 controls the paddle at the bottom of the left hand side with the A and D Keys while Player 2 (if involved) controls the paddle at the top of the right hand area with the Left and Right Arrow Keys.

To mute the music, see Audio/Video in the Options menu.

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