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Online Pool Table Game - Pool Master

Rating: 8.8/10 - 842 votes

Set your game playing gaze to ‘Focused’ as you dust off your cue, straighten your waistcoat, and get down to some precision ball-pocketing action! Pool Master is a detailed and realistic cue sports game with four challenging, intense game modes designed to test your ball potting prowess! Choose from simple potting practice, a "timed" game against the clock, a series of specific set challenges, or a high-intensity duel against a computer-controlled opponent.

This all-action, mouse-clicking ‘table sports’ activity isn’t just for avid fans of pocket billiard games like snooker and pool. Devotees of physics-based challenges could also enjoy the meticulous detail and accuracy required in lining up each potting angle, and judging the power and prospective path of each ball. A steady hand and an ability to remain cool under pressure are all-important attributes to have under the glaring and unforgiving lights of a pro-standard pool table! It’s time to chalk up Hotshot – we want to hear the trademark crash of a sledgehammer break! Happy ball potting!

How to Play: There are four distinct game modes to choose from; Practice, Arcade, Challenge, and VS Computer. In each game mode, the controls are exactly the same. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, click and hold down the Left Mouse Button to initiate your shot. A white Target Line appears, pointing in a straight line from the Cue Ball (white), in the direction your mouse cursor is pointing. As you hold down the left click, maneuver your mouse cursor around the table until you are happy with the shot direction. Your ‘Power Bar’ appears on the right of the game screen. This Power Bar automatically fills up and decreases in red color as you hold down your click. Simply release the click to execute your shot. The fuller the Power Bar when you release the click, the harder the strike on the Cue Ball.

Practice Mode: Here, you simply go about trying to pot balls with little pressure. There is no timer or opponent. This is a great mode to hone your skills before taking on the more difficult challenges.

Arcade Mode: This Mode is all about watching the clock. In each level, you have to pot all of the balls on the table before the clock runs out (the clock timer is indicated at the top of the game screen). Each time you pot a ball, you receive bonus seconds added to your time. The amount of seconds you earn for each pot decreases as you progress through each level.

Challenge Mode: Here, you take on 8 difficult potting tasks. These range from timed challenges like in Arcade Mode, or tasks where you only have a certain number of shots to pot a randomly-placed set of balls.

VS Computer Mode: Here, you play against a relatively-skilled computer opponent. You can choose to play ‘Straight Pool’, or ‘8-Ball Pool’. In Straight Pool, you can pocket any ball in a race to 8 successful pots, while in 8-Ball, you must pot all of the balls from the ‘solid’ or ‘stripes’ group before potting the black 8-ball.

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