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Really Fast Mouse Clicking Game - Gem Collector

Rating: 7.8/10 - 15 votes

Click on and eliminate moving colored gems as quickly as you can in this very tricky, fast-paced, mouse-clicking challenge! Gem Collector is a difficult skill-based visual puzzle game for kids, teens & grownups where you must click on specific colored gems as they whizz across the game screen at speed. While the concept is quite simple, the reality is that you have to race against the clock, and must try to avoid clicking on gems that aren’t of the required color (This can prove quite difficult as there are literally dozens of jewels zooming around at all times!).

This addicting and intense point-and-click arcade activity requires good cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, and really quick reactions. You must remain cool under pressure as you carefully pick out the specific colored gems, and catch them before they quickly move off of the game screen. Your focus and mouse-clicking skills are tested to the max here as you attempt to earn the required score before the clock runs out. We would love to see a gem collecting master-class! Could you be that expert?

How to Play: This game requires Unity Web Player to play, and may take longer to load than other games on this site (depending on the speed of your computer / internet connection). In each level, you must click-to-eliminate a set number of gems before the clock runs out. Red, blue, green, and yellow gems whizz across the game screen, and you must click on the specific colored gems indicated by the ‘Master Gem’ in the top left corner of the play area. For example, while the Master Gem is red, you must click on the red gems. The Master Gem changes color every 7 or 8 seconds, so keep a sharp eye on it at all times!

If you click on an incorrect gem, you lose 5 seconds from the clock. If the clock runs out before you have eliminated the required number of gems in that level, you must replay the level. As well as the normal colored gems, there are special Bonus Gems that help your cause (For example, Freeze Gems slow down the movement of all gems in the play area). Enjoy!

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