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Robot Programming Game Online - Melvin's Run

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Melvin's Run is a challenging, maze-based, programming-themed puzzle game for kids and teens where you must guide Melvin and his robot Blix to the exit in each level. Melvin can be maneuvered easily around the game area using your arrow keys, but Blix, the robot, must be carefully programmed with specific instructions regarding where exactly to go before each "run". You must give Blix basic commands (turn left, right, jump, etc), set him on his way, and hope that he makes it through the maze unscathed!

Background info: Melvin is a genius programmer that has been imprisoned on the 15th floor of the ToolCorp Headquarters. He needs your help in programming Blix so that the two of them can escape for once and for all!

This tricky, interactive problem-solving brain teaser and analytical thinking skills game should prove a good fun activity for budding computer whizzes, and for any gamers who simply enjoy the novelty of giving specific programming instructions to their characters (Rather than just moving them manually with the Arrow Keys). Your creative engineering and strategy skills, and sheer determination to succeed are truly tested here. Ok Tech Master, let's see if you can guide this dynamic duo to safety!

How to Play: This game requires both mouse control (point and click) and arrow key controls. In each of the 15 increasingly-difficult levels, your goal is to direct both Melvin and Blix to the Exit Door (marked with a yellow and black striped box).

Each level takes the form of a square grid with boxes and other obstacles forming a maze. Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to move Melvin (the human character) around the grid. The tricky part is getting Blix the robot to follow Melvin's action instructions to the Exit Area.

If / when you click the "Run Program" button in the bottom of the Controls area (to the right), Blix moves forward in a straight line until it is given (lands on) an "instruction to turn or jump" that you have already placed onto the grid. To place an instruction for Blix, you must position Melvin onto a square (using your arrow keys) where an action by Blix is to take place, and mark that square with a desired action.

For example, if you want Blix to "turn left" when it reaches the square that Melvin is currently standing in, then click on the "LFT Turn" button among the CMD Control icons (on the right hand side of the game screen) to place the desired instruction in that square. Continue this "programming" process by moving Melvin to the squares where Blix will eventually make a turning move or jump, and click on the desired instruction from the CMD Controls.

When Blix reaches the Exit Door, use your arrow keys to bring Melvin also to the doorway, and progress to the next level. Try to work out ways to use the solid grey boxes, crates and any exterior walls (be careful!) to your advantage. Sometimes, you need to place a new instruction while Blix is already on the move. Enjoy the interactive puzzle busting! Ask family members and best friends to help you if you get stuck.

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