Online strategy defense games, free fantasy kingdom games for kids to play now with no download: Demonrift TD game is a cool strategy game & medieval battle game for kids (boys/ girls), teens. Fun tower defense games, new fantasy war games for PC, Mac, Ipad where you defend your base/ land.
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Online Strategy Defense Game - Demonrift TD

Rating: 9/10 - 400 votes

Demonrift TD is an awesomely-intense, tower defense-style strategy game where you have to use shrewd battle tactics and defensive formations to reclaim cities of the Middle-Earth-style realm of ‘Emaeron’. After the brave King Ikmael is slain trying to defend the last free city of the beautiful kingdom, you and your loyal band of swordsmen, archers and warriors carry our human hopes on your courageous shoulders. In a classic tower-defense environment, you have to secure victory for mankind by bravely holding out against the ruthless and relentless marching army of orcs, goblins, demons, and other wraith-like creatures.

This addicting battle strategy adventure bears all the hallmarks worthy of iconic tower defense game status, as achieved by Bloons Tower Defense and Epic War game titles. Key skills required include the canny strategic placement of defensive turrets, clever use of upgrades, diversity in your defensive approach, and a dogged determination to survive! Your decision-making skills are also put under extreme scrutiny, while your ability to execute strong military maneuvers is also essential. Ok Commander, it’s time to deploy your troops – let’s hope that they’re fit, well-fed, and prepared for the long haul!

How to Play: In each of the increasingly difficult levels, your objective is to defend your base (known as a ‘Tomb Shrine’) against a marching horde of enemy creatures. In order to do this, you must place defensive turrets along the path toward your base. Troops from these turret barracks engage the enemy in battle – slowing them down and (hopefully) eliminating them before they reach your Tomb Shrine. For each enemy that reaches your Tomb Shrine, your ‘Defensive Counter’ (aka your Health Bar) decreases by one. If this Counter reaches zero (it begins at 20), your army is defeated. However, if you defeat all waves of enemies with your Defensive Counter intact, you progress to the next city.

We recommend that you follow the in-game tutorial as it gives you an opportunity to get used to the controls of setting up defensive turrets. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the hexagonal shapes dotted along the side of the path, then click on either ‘Swordsman’, or ‘Archer’ – depending on the type of turret you want to build. For each second that passes, you earn 5 Blue Flags, which is the currency used to purchase new defensive units. You also earn Blue Flags for eliminating an enemy. Therefore, the more enemies you defeat, the more defensive units you can subsequently build.

In the bottom left corner of the battle game screen, you can see how many ‘waves’ of enemies remain in each level. In between each level, you can re-build castles in each of your conquered cities, ensuring more virtual income to be used for new troops and upgrades. There are 20 cities to be defended in total. Good luck!

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