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Fun Tower Building Game - Impulse J5: Nights

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If you like to get your head around a good physics-based brain teaser or design game then try Impulse J5: Nights, an unusual puzzle game where you have to construct a large tower-like structure using 30 jelly-like ‘nodes’ that act as small circular building blocks. Your goal is to carefully attach these expanding nodes together in order to form as tall a structure as you possibly can. Each step in your construction forms a number of new joints (angles), but you have to be careful – your wobbly tower is bound by the laws of gravity, and will collapse if it is too heavy on one side.

This stimulating and quirky engineering and construction game requires steady mouse-work, patience, and a lot of trial and error to get familiar with the eccentric jelly-like movement of your would-be tower. Some knowledge of the effects of gravity is important (but not essential) as you try to come up with cool and creative ways of growing your construction to a record height. Ok Jelly Tower Architect – let’s reach for the stars, and build a funny looking skyscraper!

How to Play: Your goal is simply to try and grow your construction as tall as you possibly can (There are no levels or set targets to reach as such). At the beginning of the game, a small 4-jointed structure is in place at the bottom of the play area. You have to pick up the white spheres that are falling down, and add them to this structure. Click on one of the spheres using your computer mouse or touchpad, and drag the object close to the structure. Once it is dragged close to any of the already-completed joints, slightly transparent columns and/or beams appear (a beam is a diagonal or horizontal support, a column is a vertical support structure). These transparent parts act as a possible link between the new joint and the nearest completed joints. Simply release the click in order to add this new joint to the structure.

Keep adding the columns and beams to your structure in order to increase its height. You can see how high your tower has grown in the top left corner or the game screen. Here, you can also see how many joints (spheres) remain. These white spheres keep raining from the sky above until all 30 are in play. Once you have added all of them to your structure, there is a short 5-second countdown, and then you receive your final score. Keep trying to beat your best effort, while trying out new construction techniques each time. Happy tower building.

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