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Train Traffic Control Game - Gemstone Tycoon

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Gemstone Tycoon is an intense, mouse-clicking, traffic management simulation game where you have to strategically control a moving convoy of gem-carrying trains on a set of crisscrossing railroad tracks. You play the role of the overseeing rail traffic controller, and you must ensure that there are no collisions as the trains travel across the game screen carrying the valuable loot from your nearby mines.

This suspense-filled organization and strategy game is an extremely difficult test of your astute multi-tasking abilities and decision-making skills under a lot of pressure. Up to four trains could be approaching a crossroads at any one time, and you have to quickly prioritize which one has the right of way while taking into account the speed and direction of the other locomotives. Fast mouse clicking abilities, keen observation skills, and a high level of concentration are all extremely important attributes to have if you want to ensure your precious gems are delivered without fuss. Ok Expert Traffic Manager, we’re giving you the green light – it’s time for you to give us an organizational masterclass!

How to Play: In each of the 6 incredibly challenging levels, your goal is to ensure that all 15 trains safely pass through the game area without colliding with one another. Each train accelerates automatically across the track, and you must use your computer mouse or touchpad to stop and start trains as you see fit. Simply Left Click on a moving train to stop it, and then click on it again to set it moving once more. Once all 15 trains are safely through the tunnels and out of sight, you progress to the next level. You can see how many trains are remaining at the top of the game screen.

As you progress, more complicated track systems are introduced, meaning you have to keep your attention fixed on more than one crossroads at a time. Once you complete a level in ‘Normal Mode’, you can attempt that same level in ‘Survival Mode’. Here, you score points for each safely-guided train, and those locomotives just keep on coming! Good luck keeping track of all the "loco-commotion"!

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