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Underwater Treasure Hunt Game - Fantastic Treasures of the Pacific Ocean

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Calling aboard all underwater treasure hunt enthusiasts! Fantastic Treasures of the Pacific Ocean is a quirky, skill-based submarine navigation game online where you must explore the ocean floor to discover discarded and lost treasure items over the centuries. From chests of gold, glittering trophies to awesome artifacts, the sea bed is filled with precious horde for you to find and collect. However, it’s not all plain sailing – You also have to skillfully avoid dangerous sharks and large fish that attempt to ram and damage your submarine. Fuel conservation is also important, so you must carefully monitor your fuel levels and return to base when needed.

This fun yet tricky submarine piloting activity requires good observation skills, slick hand/eye coordination, and reflexes; dodging and weaving around sharks and shoals of fish is no mean feat! Treasures are often hidden in between bits of coral on the sea bed – so you need to be something of an ‘underwater sleuth’ in order to spot the best items. This is also a resource management exercise; keeping an eye on your fuel levels and submarine health is the key to earning a successful haul of goodies. Are you ready to trawl the depths of the Pacific? Let’s dive into this treasure hunt! There's loot aplenty, Matey!

How to Play: Collect as many valuable items as you can from the ocean floor, and return with them to base. At the beginning of the gameplay, your submarine is moored at your ‘base’. Click on the ‘Leave’ button to launch your submarine down into the deep waters. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to navigate your underwater capsule. Avoid coming into contact with any of the large fish / sharks that roam in the sea. Even a small collision with a dangerous fish results in a reduction of your Health Bar at the bottom of the game screen.

Collect the treasure items from the sea bed by simply coming into contact with them with your submarine. You can head back to base and earn Gold for your treasure at any time. Use Gold earned from your treasure collections to purchase upgrades for your little submarine (larger fuel tank, bigger treasure hold, bigger health bar, etc). You can also ‘refuel’, and ‘repair’ your submarine (replenish Health Bar) at your base. While searching in the submarine, keep an eye on your Fuel Bar at the bottom of the play zone. If this (or your Health Bar) runs empty, it’s game over.

Tip: You can earn extra Gold coins by collecting the rising bubbles in the shape of the letters B-O-N-U-S as they escape upward from the sea bed. Can your friends and family members match your hunger for collecting this juicy loot?

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