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Blue Pixel 10 Minigames is a collection of 10 different skill-based addicting games that you will love. All of these games require high levels of concentration and skill as you attempt to reach a new top score. All of these games have one thing in common- they are endless and your aim is to get the best score and beat your friends. These games may be frustrating at times as keep trying to reach a new top score, but if you have the desire and determination to do it- then you will. This HTML5 game is playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop.

How to Play: Each game only requires tapping/ mouse clicking. Instructions for each game (numbered left to right)

  1. This minigame has the same principle as 'Flappy Bird', simply keep clicking/ tapping to keep afloat and try to pass through the narrow gaps for as long as possible
  2. The aim of this minigame is to keep collecting the blue star by travelling from one U-shape rotating object to another without touching any of them. You have to constantly keep clicking/ tapping to move. After a few tries, you will get used to the frequency of the clicking/ tapping required to control your blue pixel properly. 
  3. In this minigame, every time you click/ tap you change the location of your blue pixel from inner to the outer side of the circle and from outer to inner. The aim is to change the position of the pixel before hitting the squares and to do as many full rotations as you can.
  4. To survive in this minigame you have to click every time the pixel reaches the bottom of the rectangle to close it so it bounces back. The catch is that you have to time your clicks/ taps perfectly because if you tap it too early the edge disappears as it only appears for a split second.
  5. This minigame is very simple, you have to click every time it gets to the end of the white rectangle and the pixel will turn right every time. Your aim is to go around as many times as you can to collect the stars. You have some room for error, but be careful not to click too early or too late.
  6. This zigzag game is very tricky, you have to keep clicking/ tapping to change directions every time to keep travelling forward in a zigzag manner. Your goal is to get as far as possible whilst staying within the narrow path.
  7. In this minigame, you have to click/ tap to change the direction of the blue pixel to stay between the blue lines and also avoid the white blocks coming from both sides.
  8. To play this minigame, you have to keep the pixel bouncing between the top and the bottom platforms, you have to watch the travelling pixel and look at what colour it is as it will only bounce off the part of the platform that is the same colour as the travelling pixel. To change the positions of the platform, simply click/ tap.
  9. Here you have to click/ tap to change the colour of you pixel to match with the approaching pixel.
  10. In the last minigame, the aim is to keep sending the blue pixel towards the blue platform through a narrow gap of the square that is constantly rotating to score a point. 

This HTML5-based matching game should work on all iOS and Android mobile phones, tablets and most browsers (IE11 does not support this game).


Before you submit an error report, please review these common issues & solutions:

  • Note: If the game is taking a while to load, please press Ctrl and F5 buttons on your keyboard at the same time to refresh the page without local cache.
  • Please use US or Canada based VPN or Proxy service in case you are having a problem with Blocking or Connection Reset or see that Game does Not Load properly. We are currently looking for other reasonable solutions as well.
  • If you see a GAME BLOCKED message or if a game does NOT LOAD in 3-5 minutes even after page refresh - this is not blocked by us. Please speak to school/office administration or your network provider. They are blocking it.
  • If the game DOES not FIT the screen (part of the game area is below above the browser) - see the GO FULL SCREEN button just at the right above the game. This should solve it.
  • Make sure that Javascript is Enabled in your device browser.
  • You may only see a blank screen / or no game screen at all if advertisements are in any way restricted on your browser.
  • Make sure that No Ad Blocker is enabled on your browser (Many game developers only income source is through ads, so they don't make the games available if ads are blocked).
  • Even if your Ad Blocking software is disabled, it may cause an issue with loading an HTML5-based game.
  • You need a High Speed internet connection because some games use large files which take a minute or two to load for the first time.
  • Some games require you to tap/click on the game screen area when they load in order to start.
  • Playing on a different device or browser (with different settings) can often solve the issue.
  • Games are not available in all jurisdictions outside of the USA.

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