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Fun Fishing Simulation Game - Super Fishing

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Of all the international sports and hobbies that have been made into successful online RPG games – fishing is one that perhaps requires the most patience, determination, anticipation and dexterous mouse-clicking skill. Super Fishing is an extremely challenging and surprisingly exciting online skill game where you travel around the world, catching as many different fish as possible. From snagging small sea bass to capturing enormous sharks, you have to work your way up from simple part-time pond angler to a fearless fishing world champion!

This demanding and difficult fishing simulation activity should prove good fit for fishing fans young and old who are searching for a realistic online interpretation of their beloved outdoor pastime. Choose from dozens of different baits, lures, rods, and authentic fishing equipment to create your own unique fishing style, snaring as many exotic water-dwellers as possible. Have you the cool head to master your mouse, and become an online fishing legend? It’s time to reel ‘em in!

How to Play: In each lake / fishing area, complete a number ‘Missions’ by catching fish using your computer mouse. Each area on a large map of Florida and the Caribbean has a two or more ‘Missions’ that you have to complete by catching a specific number of fish using a variety of different methods / bait types. Carefully read all of the short tutorials.

To begin to fish, Left Click on your mouse to cast your line into the water. You will see the shadows of numerous fish swimming underneath the surface. Lightly click your mouse every so often to move your line back toward your rod. These movements ‘lure’ fish toward your line as they think it is a tasty morsel for them to eat. Once you see a fish shadow lunge at your line, double click quickly to snare it, and begin the final test to reel it in. In order to complete a catch, you have to keep the red indicator in the yellow ‘Secure’ box for long enough until the fish has lost all its energy. To do this, keep clicking / holding down the left mouse button to ensure an equilibrium that keeps the indicator as close to the center as possible (The Fish’s red Energy Bar is located at the bottom of the game screen during the final struggle).

If you complete a catch, you are rewarded with virtual income which depends on the weight of the fish (If the fish manages to struggle free, you receive nothing for your efforts). You can use this income to purchase new and improved equipment (click on the ‘Store’ icon in the top right corner) such as bait, flies, jigs, spoons, and more. Hover your mouse over the ‘Mission Objective’ tab at the top of the game screen to reveal the objectives that you have to complete in each area. Click on the ‘Map’ icon to move from area to area.

Note: Remember that fish stocks around the world are seriously dwindling due to over-consumption and global warming, with many species at risk of extinction in the coming decades. When fishing / angling in real life, fish responsibly, and try to land your fish as quickly as possible, and release it back to the water before it becomes completely exhausted. By doing this best practice, you will help ensure healthy fish populations for you and future anglers to enjoy for years to come. Happy fishing!

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