Play fun, free interactive physics games for middle school, high school students, with no download: Inflate Us game is a very difficult problem solving activity for the classroom or on PC, Mac, iPad, tablet at home. Physics-based learning activities, hard science games, online creative thinking games..
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Fun Interactive Physics Game - Inflate Us

Rating: 7.7/10 - 161 votes

Get yourself ‘pumped up’ for a truly innovative problem solving challenge! Inflate Us is a highly stimulating, interactive physics-based puzzle game for middle & high school age kids where you have to use savvy creative thinking and proactive engineering skills in order to inflate and expand colored blocks so that they come into contact with a blue flask in each level. The story goes that an evil magician has turned the world’s population into rather unfortunate shapes with faces, and the only way to break the magician's spell is to capture the potion that lies within the blue flask. Luckily for the colored shapes, they can still move by morphing and inflating from blocks into balls, and vice versa over and over again. You play the role of master ‘shape inflator’, and have to carefully and logically maneuver the various shapes into strategic positions so that they can lead to the capture of the illusive flask in each level.

This original and highly-addicting brain teaser requires a great deal of concentration, good strategy and decision making skills, and a dose of good old common sense. Quick reactions and immaculate timing are also important as you try to choose the correct (tactful) moment to inflate or deflate each shape. A good appreciation of the law of gravity, and the way objects can interact is needed. Beginners beware - later levels pose a really difficult challenge for even the most experienced of online problem solvers! Have you got the utter determination, brain power, and sprinkle of luck that may be required to find a solution for each level? Whatever you do, and no matter how far you advance, don't leave this challenging activity deflated! Playing and challenging yourself as best as you can is what puzzle busting is all about.

How to Play: In each of the 20 increasingly difficult levels, your goal is to ‘collect’ the magic potion in the Blue Flask (glass container) by making contact with it using any of the available shapes on the game screen. These shapes are static initially, and either rectangular or triangular at the beginning of each level. However, you can alter their form by clicking on them using your computer mouse or touchpad. For example, if you click once on a static green rectangle, it inflates into an oval-shaped ball. Click on it again, and it turns into a spherical ball. Click on the sphere to return the green shape to its original rectangular form (this progression is the same for red shapes). With this process, you can use the effects of gravity to roll the shapes around the game screen, pushing off of other shapes, and (hopefully) coming into contact with the Blue Flask.

The catch is that you cannot allow green, blue, and orange shapes to fall out of the game screen, and all red shapes must be eliminated from the level before you can progress (regardless of whether you have already collected the Blue Flask). You can eliminate shapes by causing them to tumble, and fall out of the game zone. But if a green, blue, or orange shape is eliminated, you fail the level. Blue shapes are triangular, and can be increased in size by clicking on them. Orange shapes are rectangular, and simply increase / decrease in height depending on how many times you click on them. The fewer clicks it takes you to complete a level, the more points you score. You also earn extra points for collecting Gold Stars along the way. If you get stuck at any stage, click on the Circular Arrow in the bottom right corner of the play zone (alternatively, press the R Key on your computer keyboard). Enjoy the challenge!

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