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Cute Platform Game with Running & Jumping Action - Turbo Kids

Rating: 8.8/10 - 351 votes

Play a cool, side-scrolling, endless running-style platform racing game on wintry terrain! Turbo Kids is a funny, fast, reactions-based game for kids and teens which requires a cheeky competitive streak to win! Here, you take part in extreme running races on a side-scrolling, obstacle-filled track. Playing the role of an acrobatic, winter-racing prodigy, you must leap and sprint your way to the front of the pack while avoiding snowball missiles from your turbo kid competitors as well as steep ravines that threaten to hinder your progress.

Skills required: Part jumping platformer and part endless running challenge, this cute game offers a stern exercise of your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, concentration and anticipation skills. Combine a safe racing strategy (staying out of trouble) with an aggressive desire to reach the Checkered Flag in as high a position as possible. 1st is, of course, the ultimate goal – but you can also progress by finishing below top spot, as each track is different.

How to Play: A Flash-based, platform and skill-based racing action game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). There are two distinct game modes to choose from: Championship Mode and Marathon Mode.

In Championship Mode, you take part in 10 increasingly-challenging races featuring you and 7 computer-controlled ‘kids’. Your task is to finish as high as possible – and each race has a ‘qualification mark’ that you must reach in order to unlock the next race. For example, In Race 1 and Race 2, you must finish 7th or better to progress. In Marathon Mode, you start off last of 50 participants on an endless ‘marathon’ track. Your extremely-tricky task is to claw your way into 1st position.

In all races, you play as the ‘Blue Hat Kid’ – all computer characters have red hats. Your Turbo Kid accelerates automatically from left-to-right across the side-scrolling terrain.

Press your Up Arrow to jump. You can perform double-jumps by pressing the Up Arrow while already in the air from a previous jump. Increase your speed and momentum by collecting gold-colored Turbo Booster power-ups. You can also jump great distances by landing on purple Jumping Boosters.

Press Spacebar to hurl a snowball in front of you to try and hinder your opponents. If this snowball hits one of your rivals, they are momentarily slowed down (frozen!). However, this can also happen to you if you get hit with a rival snowball. In later levels, Red Rockets and Green Traps also come into play. Between levels, you can use points earned from good performances to upgrade your Turbo Kid's attributes. Enjoy the eccentric action!

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