Play online spaceship arcade games for free, no download: Spaceship Landing game, a fun 80s/90s retro-style flying game & old-school arcade action game for Android, iPhone mobile phone, iPad, tablet, PC. 1980s-style games, new free online touch screen games for kids (boys/ girls) to play now.
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Spaceship Arcade Game Online for Android / iPhone / iPad / PC - Spaceship Landing

Rating: 7/10 - 114 votes

Spaceship Landing is a challenging arcade-style skill game with a straight-forward concept. You play the role of a spacecraft pilot who must land safely onto all Green platforms that appear in each level (Normally two, and landing on the 1st Green platform frees up the 2nd Green platform by changing its color from Blue to green). However, your spaceship is quite fragile, and you must use the rocket-propelled action of the ship to very deftly land without excessive impact. You must also keep your eye on your fuel gauge, and re-fuel on the Red platforms in order to avoid a loss of control. Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, there are 20 progressively-tricky levels which introduce more challenging obstacles and awkward terrain as you progress.

This online, HTML5-based, flying / skill game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Skills required include steady keyboard control or finger tapping, fast reactions, good hand-eye coordination and anticipation skills, and smart decision-making skills.

Controls: For PC / laptop players, use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your spaceship. For mobile / tablet players, tap on the blue arrow buttons in the bottom corners of the play area to control the movement of your spacecraft. You have three extra lives for the duration of all 20 levels. If you destroy all of your backup spaceships, it's game over!

Warning: The game starts immediately (the spaceship drops immediately) on loading, so be ready to react the moment you see the spaceship dropping down from the top of the game screen. Completing levels wildly at high speed may not be the best course of action, as you must always be aware of your quite limited fuel stocks.

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