Play multilevel Mahjong games, Mahjong against the clock games, Mahjong matching tile games online for free, no download: Ancient Egypt Mahjong game, a fun, easy to hard Egyptian pyramids online game for kids on Android, iPhone, iPad, laptop PC. Cool new HTML5 Mahjong games, touch screen games.
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Ancient Egypt Mahjong Game to Play against the Clock

Rating: 7.5/10 - 22 votes

Play an extensive, multilevel online Mahjong game with over 100 levels! Ancient Egypt Mahjong is a straight-forward and addicting, Mahjong Solitaire matching puzzle game for kids, teens and Mahjong enthusiasts on all ages on iOS and Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook and desktop.

Playing against the clock, you must clear the grid of all tiles with hieroglyphic signs and symbols by selecting matching pairs which are unblocked / free on both sides (Available tiles are brightly-colored while unavailable tiles have a darker shade). A ‘shuffle’ option (in order to gain an advantage) is available if you are stuck with no matches - but this action can only be performed three times in each level.

This vast HTML5-based, Egyptian tile matching puzzle game should work on iOS and Android mobile devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Key skills required in this visual brain teaser include good observation skills, analytical thinking, strategy, good decision making skills, and the stamina to keep going. As there is an ‘against the clock’ element, a sense of urgency and fast reactions also come into play, especially in higher levels. Enjoy this cool Mahjong game!

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