Play hard puzzles online/ fun brain teasers games for kids (girls/ boys) with no download: Boom Balloon game, a free balloon pop puzzle online for PC, Mac, tablet, iPad. Problem solving activities, thinking strategy games & logic exercises for middle school students, high school teens online free.
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Online Balloon Popping Puzzle - Boom Balloon

Rating: 7.6/10 - 128 votes

Ready for a fun, rope-cutting physics and skill-based game? Boom Balloon is a tricky, interactive mouse-clicking puzzle game to really get your "spikes" into. Here, you must pop three helium-filled balloons in each level by successfully manipulating the game environment, and carefully freeing and guiding the balloons toward a set of spikes! You play the role of the ‘game-changer’, and have to meticulously plan out a sequence of actions and reactions in each level that results in all three balloons being mercilessly popped (no matter how cute the balloon designs are, they’ve simply got to go if you want to progress).

This challenging gravity-based brain teaser activity can prove to be a tricky test for even the most experienced of gamers. Each level requires careful analysis, logical thinking, good strategy, great patience and determination to figure out the correct course of actions that will result in the balloons’ demise. Once you are ready to set your cunning plan in motion, well-timed swipes of your computer mouse, and fast reaction skills are essential. Beginners beware – later levels feature extremely complex step-by-step solutions that can only be achieved through rigorous trial and error. We hope your enthusiasm for problem-solving doesn't take flight - Remember that only the balloons need to get ‘deflated’ here! Challenging yourself is what it's all about:) Good luck and enjoy!

How to Play: In each of the 24 increasingly difficult levels, your aim is to successfully pop all 3 balloons using the varied spikes provided. Sometimes these spikes are stationary at the top area of the game screen, while other times they might be under your control as a bow and arrow-style weapon. The balloons are all filled with a helium gas, meaning they float up into the air once you cut their binds.

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click and quickly swipe (like a slashing motion) across the rope holding and restricting a balloon in order to set it free. In initial levels, your balloon should float toward some well-placed spikes above. However, as you progress, you have to alter the course of some rising balloons by pushing them off of other balloons or objects. In some levels, you have a bow and arrow-type weapon located at the side of the play zone. Click on this weapon in order to fire a spiky arrow. If you get stuck, click on the circular arrow button in the bottom left corner of the game area in order to restart the level.

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