Brain teaser puzzle game online for kids, middle school/ high school teens, college students & adults of all ages: Play Binga, a free critical thinking game, online logic puzzle & problem solving activity for the family on the internet. Play interactive puzzles, fun educational games at home/ in the classroom.
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Challenging Brain-teaser Puzzle Game - Binga

Rating: 7.6/10 - 697 votes

Binga is both a brain-teaser puzzle and a quick-reactions and skill game that encourages you to think outside the box and to see things from another view. This game will especially appeal to those players with an entrepreneurial spirit who just love a critical thinking challenge. Some levels gives you a brief hint of what you should do, or you have to find a hint yourself by approaching the exercise from another angle!

Once the puzzle is opened, your time starts counting down. There are two types of puzzles: There are those where you have seconds to solve the puzzle, and those where you have to start the level again. Other puzzles come with no time limit. However, the timer keeps counting your overall time, and the less time you spend solving the puzzles, the better.

When hints are provided, they are almost always with a twist. You have to put on your thinking cap, really concentrate hard and pressurize your brain cells to work the right direction. Binga is a logic game where only the most determined puzzle solvers will reach the end.

How to Play: You control the game using the left button on your computer mouse. There may be a hint given before the puzzle is shown, and if you see the progress bar shrinking at the bottom of the screen, it means that you have to hurry up or start the level all over again when the time is up. When it comes to a puzzle with no time limit – look for clues by pointing your mouse cursor at every object on the screen. It may be a bolt or a screw, a perforated tablet (that has holes in it) to allow you to see only what you need to see (and not any unnecessary information).

Watch out for pointers and arrows. You must work like a detective as you play. And the most importantly – Read any clues carefully before starting the next puzzle level. Some objects need to be “exploded” by clicking on them, some dragged away or even thrown. Left click on your mouse to hold the object in order to move it one or the other direction, and release your mouse left button to let the object go.

Check every object if it can be moved. For example, if a ball does not fall into the basket directly, why don’t you try to grab and move the basket to accommodate the ball (if possible)? If you see a mouse icon with the left button blinking – it prompts you to keep clicking on the left mouse button to get something done, right? Happy puzzle busting!

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