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Cutting / Physics Puzzle Game - Jelly Alien

Rating: 8.6/10 - 55 votes

Sharp logical thinking skills required! Jelly Alien is a "doozy" of a physics-based puzzle game where you have to combine good strategic planning & prediction skills, creative engineering skills and swift mouse movements in order to unite several squidgy, little purple gelatinous aliens into one large body! These friendly extra-terrestrial invaders have become separated by large distances, tricky obstacles, and an unforgiving landscape - and you must don your thinking cap to figure out a way to somehow bring them together in each challenging level. You play the role of the Game Environment Changer, and must use a clever combination of cutting actions, gravity, and the game terrain to create pathways, bridges, and routes for the blobby aliens to join together by cutting wooden objects and ropes. However, it’s not all plain sailing as you have to avoid the dastardly ‘Evil Aliens’ who try to scupper your plans at every turn!

This addicting and surprisingly-tricky online brain teaser activity required plenty of patience and trial and error, and tests your observation skills and ability to figure out a logical solution to each problem. You cannot directly control the movement of the purple aliens, so you have to resort to outside influences – mainly your own cutting tool – in order to move and unite the little guys. In this fun problem solving exercise, your wood and rope-cutting swipes must be tactful as well as accurate! The difficulty of some of the later levels could definitely pose a stern test for some seasoned brain game veterans, while younger gamers should enjoy the immersive interactive action. Happy blob work!

How to Play: In each of the 28 levels, your goal is to unite all of the purple jelly-like aliens into one larger "blob alien". To do this, you have to radically play with and change the game environment through cutting pieces of wood loose to push / propel them around the game screen, or by releasing the aliens from ropes (strings), and generally bring the two (or more) aliens together in any way possible.

Use your computer mouse or touchpad to perform the essential cutting action. Simply click and swipe across a wooden object or rope in order to make a ‘cut’. If you cut a rope, gravity instantaneously takes effect on whatever was on the end of it (alien, rock etc). Cutting wooden objects is more complex as they are often ‘fixed’ to the game screen with steel bolts. Cutting around these steel bolts releases the wooden beam, and allows gravity to work on it. Once all of the aliens are merged, you progress to the next level (IMPORTANT: Some levels are obscured from the next level select screen. In such a case, you can advance to the next level by pressing Spacebar once the ‘pass screen’ appears).

In later levels, black and red ‘Evil Aliens’ make life more difficult. If an Evil Alien comes into contact with one of the purple aliens, you fail the level. All Evil Aliens must also be removed from the game screen in order to pass the level. This means they must be pushed / fall down a ravine at the bottom of the game screen. However, if a friendly purple little alien takes this plunge, you fail the level, so plan with care. Good luck and enjoy the puzzle!

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