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Play Waterdrops Waterway - Fast-paced Puzzle Game

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Water Drops Waterway is a hard reaction-speed, timing and skill-based brainteaser puzzle game for older kids, teens and grownups that requires high concentration levels, very sharp hand and eye coordination and great patience. This highly interactive problem solving activity will really test your determination and perseverance.

Your role as skilled problem solver is to carefully channel a given percentage of moving water drops through the play zone toward a static pond (their required destination at the bottom or to one side of play zone). Through your expert use of super-fast mouse clicking skills, quick obstacle removal, good strategic planning and decision making, you must guide the droplets from one area of the game screen to the other. However, this is certainly no mean feat as you must contend with flame-throwing machinery, awkwardly-positioned obstacles, and other tricky hindrances along the way.

This stimulating and unusual problem solving exercise should prove a good, fun test for anyone who enjoys interactive and dynamic puzzle games, physics-based brain teasers, engineering and leadership challenges. There's an old saying that “timing is everything in life” and that mindset is very apt here. Let’s see how your timing, determination and perseverance skills match up!

How to Play: In each of the 15 progressively-difficult levels, you must guide a specific percentage of water droplets into the pond below (This pond is normally positioned on the opposite side of the game screen, and / or blocked off by dangers and obstacles). You must also capture the exact correct moments to act; to move the water drops from one area to another in the direction of the pond.

First survey the environment and plan a successful route, and sequence of actions and events in your mind. You then interact with the game screen (using your computer mouse or touchpad) in order to alter the environment and to affect the position or movement of the droplets.

You must tactfully and/or swiftly make any such interactions. For example, when you remove obstacles to initiate the flow of the water drops so that you can immediately react to the scene and environment. Or for example, when you release any halted water so that it can cross a treacherous stretch of on/off flames or ravines.

If you achieve the minimum target percentage of droplets to enter the pond, you progress to the next level (by pressing the Enter / Return Key on your keyboard). However, if you lose too much water, you must replay the level (Again, press Enter / Return to replay the level). Press Spacebar at any stage to restart the level. Enjoy the hectic action!

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