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Free Online Smurf Puzzle Game – Handy’s Car

Rating: 6.4/10 - 2477 votes

The Smurfs - Handy's Car: Have you ever wanted to build your very own home-made soapbox-style racing car? Well little Handy-man (or Handy-girl), now’s your chance to show off those manufacturing engineering skills! The Smurfs – Handy’s Car is a fun and challenging building game for kids where you have to carefully piece together a wooden vehicle from the various parts in Handy the Smurf’s garage. Ensure you assemble the car parts together accurately and with precision – this little racing vehicle is certainly no toy!

Handy plans to impress his Smurf family and friends with this cool and quirky new car, but he needs your help! Carefully and methodically build the car from the bottom up in this intricate car building puzzle. Common sense is important, as you have to build the vehicle "slowly and surely" in the correct order. For example, the wheels cannot go onto the chassis before the axles! Ok Master Mechanic, it’s time to don your overalls, and get down to work. Happy car building!

How to Play: Set in Handy the Smurf’s workshop, the game begins with just the floor-frame of the vehicle in the center of the garage. The other parts to the car are to the right of the game screen. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click and drag the various car parts to their correct location on the car chassis (frame). If you drag a part to an incorrect position, the part snaps back to the right of the game screen, and Handy shakes his head in disapproval.

If you place the car part in the correct position, it clicks into place on the chassis, and you can move onto another part. The car starts to take shape as you add the different parts, one-by-one. Use your common sense to add pieces in the correct order. The axles (long wooden rods) must go onto the car before the wheels, for example. Once you complete the vehicle, be prepared for a surprise – as it speeds off out of the garage before poor little Handy can get in!

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