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Fun, Interactive Physics-based Puzzle Game - Pour The Fish

Rating: 8.8/10 - 397 votes

Pour The Fish is a challenging and innovative physics-based puzzle game where you have to dig through the dirt to create pathways for clean water to flow directly into the mouths of some thirsty fish. Having been sucked through a drainpipe into an underground ventilation system, your new fish buddies need to drink the small amount of water available in each level to survive. Your job is to make sure the water is clean, and has a clear path to reach these rather odd-looking little creatures! It’s not as easy as it sounds as you have to contend with the effect of gravity in a changing environment, poisonous water, exploding time bombs, and other obstacles that stand in the way of getting your "fishies" the water that they desperately need!

Packed with fun animation and unique features, this addicting and refreshingly-original, mouse-clicking problem solving activity could be ideal to use in the classroom to help to teach young kids how liquid moves and reacts to gravity. It is also a fun brain teaser activity that could help to promote and improve analytical thinking, as well as the creative strategy and engineering skills of any budding engineers and architects of the future; You simply have to carefully construct pathways and bridges for the water to travel along. Ok Puzzle Master, it's time to make a big splash in the world!

How to Play: In each of the 20 increasingly difficult levels, your goal is to channel a sufficient volume of clean, clear water into the mouths of the blue and yellow fish. In most levels, there is just one fish that you have to feed with water, but certain levels have two or more fish. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click and drag across the gold-colored dirt to eliminate it from the game screen. Use this technique to create a path for the water to travel through to the fish and into it’s mouth. Once the fish has drank enough water, he jumps into a glass container, and you progress to the next level.

In later levels, there are a range of different obstacles and tasks that you have to overcome to get the water to the fish. Dirty Water is multicolored and poisonous to your fish so you have to make sure none of it finds its way into the fish's mouth. Power Switches are activated when any type of water comes into contact with them, opening doors and lowering bridges etc. If some water impacts with a magnet-shaped Gravity Changer, gravity switches in the opposite direction, i.e. what would usually fall down now falls "upward". If you get stuck, click on the circular arrow in the top right corner of the game screen to restart the level. You have unlimited lives, and this is really helpful in some of the higher levels where a lot of trial and error is required!

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