Free logic problems online for kids to play without downloading: Online grid puzzle game for kids, an analytical thinking exercise for children in middle school classroom/ high school students. Brain teaser puzzles for PC, Mac, iPad, logic puzzles, interesting interactive critical thinking games for teens.
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Online Logic Puzzle / Grid Game - Tilogic

Rating: 4.1/10 - 21 votes

Note: This game requires Adobe Shockwave Player to play. Tilogic is a very challenging tile-based puzzle game where you have to use your analytical thinking skills to flip a set of tiles from blue to yellow in a specific order. In each of the 25 different puzzles, you are shown a crossword-style grid of blue tiles. You must flip all of these tiles to yellow – without your ‘snake’ of flipped tiles crossing over itself. There is only one possible solution to each increasingly difficult puzzle, so you’d better have your thinking cap on to solve each problem!

This very tricky brain teaser will really test your logic, observational and strategy building skills, as you must carefully plan out which direction to flip the tiles each time. There’s also a lot of potential trial and error required – so you’ll need to be patient – the solution is there somewhere! Be prepared for a proper challenge – this is an activity that will really exercise a child's cognitive abilities. Even grown-ups will find some of these puzzles challenging. It’s time to pit your wits against the grid – let’s see who comes out on top! Good luck.

How to Play: In each of the 25 puzzles, you are shown a grid of blue tiles (squares) similar to that of a crossword. Your goal is to flip all of these tiles to yellow. To do this, you have to ‘snake’ your way around the grid, without the yellow tiles crossing over one another. You can begin your ‘snake’ at any point of the grid you want. Left Click on your chosen starting tile using your computer mouse or touchpad. Next, you must choose the direction that you want your ‘snake’ to start flipping tiles. Once you click in the direction you want to move, all of the tiles along that line, from the starting tile to the outer edge of the grid, turn yellow. Now, you have a new starting point (a flashing yellow tile), and must continue around the grid until all of the tiles have been flipped to yellow.

If your snake crosses over a yellow tile that you have already flipped, you have to start over again. Keep trying out different patterns and directions until you figure out the correct solution. If you want a tougher challenge straight-up, you can toggle through to the higher levels by clicking the Blue Arrows in the bottom right corner of the game screen.

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